CareSens N POP

For those living with diabetes, monitoring blood glucose levels are a must. Since they serve an important function, blood glucose monitoring devices should be reliable, consistent, easy to use, and affordable. There are select devices that offer a good blend of all of them. CareSens meters manufactured by i-Sens, a reputable South Korean company, is one of them. 

i-Sens currently offers 3 meters for home glucose monitoring. They are the Caresens N Meter, the Caresens N Pop Meter, and the CareSens N Voice Meter. Each has unique features that make the device right for certain people. The Caresens N Meter is a great option for those looking for affordability. The Caresens N Pop Meter are great for those who run into trouble with expired test strips. The CareSens N Voice Meter offers voice reading technology for those who prefer a blood glucose meter that reads results to them.

Caresens N Meter

The Caresens N Meter is a quality blood glucose meter that is also extremely affordable. The meter produces results in as quickly as five seconds. It stores reading data that can easily be downloaded for informed monitoring. It is intended for frequent use and can also provided pre and post meal flagging so you can stay safe and healthy around meal times.

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CareSens N POP Meter

Like the Caresens N Meter, The CareSens N pop meter is intended for frequent use, can store information, and provides pre and post meal flagging. The CareSens N Pop Meter also has the ability to eliminate mishaps from expired test strips. It has built in technology that alerts you if you are accidentally using expired strips.

CareSens N Voice

The CareSens N Voice Meter provides readings in as little as five seconds. It can also store data and features a usb to make data easily transferable. It is intended for frequent use. These features are similar to other CareSens blood glucose meters. But what the CareSens N Voice Meter offers that the others do not is voice reading software. Voice reading software is great for those who have trouble reading meter screens. With the ability to speak in both English and Spanish, it can be used by a wide range of people. Another plus is that it is more affordable than a lot of other voice reading blood glucose meters!

If you are in the market for a new blood glucose meter, any of these CareSens products may offer exactly what you are looking for at affordable prices!

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