There are many different factors that go into selecting the best pen needle to suit your needs. Some people are looking for great value when they buy a pen needle. Others focus on finding the highest quality pen needle that they can get. Then, there are some who try to find a balance of value and quality. We are going to look at three tiers of pen needles. One offers great value. One offers the highest quality. And one looks to provide users with a good mix of value and quality.

Owen Mumford Insulin Pen Needles

Owen Mumford offers a variety of insulin pen needles that can meet all your injection needs whether you’re looking for valued or top of the line insulin pen needles.

Pentips – Valued Pen Needle 

The value of this pen needle can’t be denied. It offers Owen Mumford quality and universal fitting at a much lower price than most comparable needles. Pentips come in a variety of sizes as well. If value is what you are searching for in a pen needle, the Pentips pen needle is the model you are looking for.

Unifine Pentips PLUS – Top of the Line Quality

If you want the best pen needle available and price isn’t a concern for you, Unifine Pentips Plus  is the pen needle for you. This pen needle offers a design that lowers penetration pain and increases the comfort of using your insulin injections. Unifine Pentips Plus also offers a built in needle remover and comes with a storage case that allows you to keep you needles safe until you can dispose of them. If you want top of the line pen needles with built in convenience, you should consider this model. Unifine Pentips plus pen needles are available in 30 and 100 count box. 

Unifine Pentips PLUS – Best of Both Worlds 

Sometimes, you can’t beat the original. Unifine Pentips is  the classic model for Pentips. It offers a nice blend of value and quality. This pen needle is designed to maximize comfort by lowering penetration and glide force. The Unifine Pentips will fit most pen devices and are available in a number of different needle lengths. If you are interested in a quality needle at a good price, this is the one for you. Unifine Pentips pen needles are also available in 30 and 100 count box. 

All three of these models are great quality. Pentips offers the best value, while Unifine Pentips Plus offers the highest quality. Unifine Pentips offers a pretty good blend of both. All of the needles are available in a number of widths and lengths. Pentips models are available in 100 count boxes, and both Unifine Pentips and Unifine Pentips Plus models can be ordered in either 30 or 100 counts.

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