A home glucose monitoring system should pull no punches. In the very least, it should be ideal, or it doesn’t really belong at home.  The Caretouch glucose meter kit, as the name would suggest already, sounds like a perfect family member, and behaves like the ideal home glucose monitoring system.  Let’s see why!

Value, Value… Value

The Caretouch meter does a real good job at handling the competition, when it comes to the world of efficient, utilitarian glucose meters.  At such an affordable price, you get 100 Caretouch blood glucose test strips,  together with 100 Caretouch lancets! Those are in addition to the Caretouch meter, and a reliable, and super safe lancing device.  And to honor the spirit, three batteries (CR 2032) and a carrying case are thrown in as well. Let’s put it in simple words. Caretouch gives you the biggest bang for the buck! The meter is unbeatable in value.

Blood Sample Size

With giving you all those free strips, it appears Caretouch seems to understand that when it comes to measuring blood sugar, the more precious contribution comes out of the patient and not
the box. So there is the promise of needing only 0.5 microliters of blood. Caretouch glucose meter kit requires a tiny blood sample, which simply means less pain from lancing.

Hygienic Strip Ejection

Caretouch extends the realm of its care to beyond your touch, literally. There would be no other reason for them to come up with the unique hygienic strip ejection mechanism. This state
of the art system uses a single touch to eject soiled strips once you are done so you are not left to tackle any aspect of the entire interaction manually.

Accurate, Fast and Simple

Of course, none of the above would matter, if not for the accuracy of the Caretouch home glucose monitoring system! Caretouch meters are accurately pre-calibrated so there are fewer errors or misreadings, and the credit goes as much to the state of the art meters, as to the proprietary Caretouch test strips.  Being small, and professionally produced, the Caretouch test strips add to the simplicity of the overall system.  The result is a reading within 5 seconds, without sacrificing accuracy. Record keeping has been simplified as well, with the catalogue including date and time of readings by default.  Absolutely no coding is required, so you can keep your focus on managing your health. There are also the features of 14 day averaging, flagging for pre/post meal readings, a 300 result memory, alternative site testing, auto on/off for power saving and the test strip release ejector to make life easier. There is plenty of compatibility too!

Do you have the most ideal home glucose monitoring system sitting in your house? Get your Caretouch Glucose Meter Kit today!


Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

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