ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus Meter and Test Strips DISCONTINUED!

Roche, the manufacture of ACCU-Chek brands, has recently announced that they will no longer be distributing ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus blood glucose meter, test strips and related accessories. The discontinuation of ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus blood glucose monitoring system was announced in 2018. Since then prices have been on the rise due to the tremendous shortage in the market.


This means the ACCU-Chek Compact Plus meter and test strips will no longer be available to users. This is obviously sad news for long-term users of Compact who have been replying upon great advantages of this convenient monitor specially the drum feature which simply eliminates handling of the individual test strips.


Given the manufacturer has decided to stop the distribution of ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus, you can expect a tremendous shortage in the market. This often results in a significant increase in the price. Stock up as many boxes of Compact Plus strips as you can. Otherwise, consider switching to a new blood glucose monitoring system.


With ACCU-CHEK Compact Plus discontinued some users may seek out an alternative test strip for their meter. Unfortunately, there is no alternative or generic test strips that can be used with the Compact Plus blood glucose meter. You will need to switch to a new blood glucose monitoring system.

Before choosing a new blood glucose monitoring system you need to decide whether you wish to continue using one of Roche’s meters or switch to a different brand. Decide from one of the two options below.

Final words

Choosing the right glucose monitoring system is never an easy task. There are many different brands of glucose monitors available in the marketing each one presenting a variety of features. In general, there is no such a thing as good or bad blood glucose monitor. The choice is dependent on a number of factors including accuracy, user-friendliness, size, time, cost, and software. To learn more see how to select a glucose monitoring system. Lastly, to make an informed decision we recommend visiting each product page and looking into the actual product reviews submitted by verified buyers.

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  1. jeffshops1 says:

    If anyone has found a similar product that has drums, or cartridges, I would be grateful for the information. The single strips are, as all the comments indicate a pain in the ass. The CGM’s don’t work well with me because I have very little body fat and I will get an “urgent low” alarm when my actual blood sugar could be 160! So, I have a Dexcom, but I have to constantly monitor and calibrate. Also, I might want to actually go into the pool or take a bath instead of a shower, other than once every ten days. Why did Roche eliminate the best meter? I don’t really care why, I just want to find a substitute! Thanks for your consideration!

  2. GJ Peters says:

    Sad to hear about discontinued support for Compact Plus drums with no alternative on market. This is a step backwards for sure. I will seek another vendor.

  3. Hal says:

    I think Roche made a huge marketing error when they discontinued the Accu-Chek Compact Plus metering system. I started out using single test strips and when I found out you could get the drums, I jumped on them immediately. The drums are so much more convenient and easier to use than the single strips!!! As I get older the singles will be harder to insert into meter like many have commented. When I run out of my stock of drums and have to buy a different meter, it definitely will not be a Roche brand.

  4. judy says:

    The Guide/Guide Me test strips seem like they are the smallest on the market. I abhor the strip vial and they are a pain in the a$$ to handle. I’m constantly struggling to get one out, and not dropping it, as well.

  5. Magicman says:

    I am also a 70 year old senior and have used many types of meters over the course of 45 years as a type 1. The Accuchek Compact Plus was without a doubt the best meter I have ever used. I was really upset when they discontinued the meter and the drums. I have arthritis in my hands and the drum refills were a real bonus for me. I have been using them for a long as they have been on the market. Roche is going to see this on their bottom line for sure as many seniors are being forced to move to another meter from another company. I wrote and e mail to Roche and I asked them if they consulted with any seniors or people with other health problems and what kind of people the had on their R & D committees and naturally , no answer. I tried their Accuchek Guide and I told them that it was a giant step backwards. All bells and whistles and of no use to seniors.
    Hopefully another company will come up with a similar drum type meter when and if Roche’s patent expires.

  6. W. Hassel says:

    Has Roche ever explained why they discontinued this excellent meter with a drum of test strips? The Compact Plus was super practical for people like me with shaky hands. Now what?

    • Clint Bell says:

      The reason I got from the company was a cost too much money to make which I laughed out and told them what do you think we’re paying you for when something is so popular why don’t they just stick with it come on Roche listen to your patients they are asking For it to come back

    • Judy says:

      I just found a treasure trove of drums that expired in 2009/2010. I’ve been checking the accuracy of them against my Accuchek Guide Me meter and they are within less than 5 points different either way. Some are spot on. While knew?

  7. Virginia Duncan says:

    I agree. I thought I was ordering the same system I have had and I like. Wegman’s never told me the system had changed. I noticed it when I went to get more Accu-Chek Compact Plus and they sold me Accu Check Guide. Well it is complicated to use and I am trykng to find any left over product until I can find a new system. I don’t like your new system and don’t plan to use it.

  8. Bea Berrettini says:

    I’m very upset about this change, too! I requested a refill of my drum test strips and got a whole new meter…Accu Chek Guide Me…instead. It came with no control liquid which I’ll have to order, and instead of a test strip drum with 17 strips, it has a lancet drum with 6 lancets! Go figure…a drum of strips good for over 5 days, or a drum with lancets good for 2 days! Makes no sense to me!

  9. Dorothy says:

    I found out today that my pharmacist cannot get test drums. I called Accu Chek and the monitor is not being made but the test drums can be purchased directly from accu chek for $81.00 for 3 drums. But they will not sell to pharmacy. They do not accept insurance. They are sending me a free meter but I read it is free with buying strips from them. This is a rip off. I am looking for a replacement meter but not from.them! Like many with hands that cannot remove a test strip from bottle and insert it into meter I am very upset. I live alone. I do not care about blue tooth to my cellphone. I want the independence of being able to check my glucose level. I looked all over for a pharmacy that accepted my insurance. I think this might be illegal.

  10. Vb says:

    Oh I just found out. Discontinued. OMG. I have refused any other meter that has been offered prior to this. Why why why. Like the previous commenter, you make enough money off consumers.

  11. Richard Orr says:

    I have used Accu-Chek Compact Plus for years!  In May 9, 2018, I needed to replace my meter because it broke and I got the exact same meter.  I have many health issues which includes Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel, and Dexterity Challenged, to mention some of my health problems.  In order for me to check and test glucose I needed a meter system that would me meet my challenges and Accu-Chek Compact Plus has done that!  Well, I am very disappointed to report that Roche manufacture has discontinued this meter and drums!  I can no longer have my prescription filled at my pharmacy.  So on March 20, 2019, I have been forced to get a new meter system!  Second problem, medicare only covers a new meter every 5 years and it made no difference that Accu-Chek Compact Plus was discontinued!  Walmart pharmacy worked with me to get a coupon from Roche and I had to pay the difference! My doctor made out prescription for the Accu-Chek Guide and everywhere on this box you will see repeated word, “Simple”!  I will begin using this new meter when I use my last drum/testing strip for my Accu-Chek Compact Plus.  But, this new monitoring system is not “Simple” for handicap challenged person like myself!  Greatly disappointed Roche manufacture discontinued Accu-Chek Compact Plus!!

  12. Debra says:

    I am 70 years old and have been using this wonderful meter for years. I have arthritis in both hands and find it almost impossible to handle the individual test strips…I can barely remove them from the container. This is the exact reason I got the compact disk as the drum was so easy to handle. The number of “older diabetics” is rapidly increasing so the need for a drum feature will only increase. Bad decision Roche.! Hopefully another Brand will pick up the need for this feature and get it on the market soon!!

    • Ralph Reyes says:

      That is similar to my present condition, which is why I have acquired an Abbott CGM meter, which uses a sensor that is good for 14 days and does not use individual test strips.

  13. Joanne says:

    Furious that the acc- chek compact plus meter has been discontinued!! Every single glucose meter should have a preloaded test strip drum!!

  14. Jackie says:

    Why did they discontinued the Accu chek compact plus when everyone wants it back . We have the drum but no more meter . You can reproduce it for the customers

  15. Unzufrieden says:

    I am SO angry about this discontinuation! I used the Accu-Chek Compact and when it was discontinued, I was able to get the Compact Plus and everything was fine. They sent me the Plus back in 2014. SO, TODAY my glucose monitor breaks and I go to Roche’s website to see the SAD news. Then I finally find this site and realize I had known this, I could have gotten another one a year or 2 ago to replace this one. This means all the diabetic supplies are also going in the garbage. HOW IGNORANT OF THEM. I do NOT want to go back to archaic testing-I upgraded from that garbage when I went to the Compact Series! I also do NOT want a MP3 sized machine or a smart monitor. Most of the monitors out there are so hokey. In fact, with the breakthrough of the Compact Plus, I was waiting for the Pez Dispenser Lancet cartridge. I could even design the silly thing. But I digress. I am just plain angry over this FIASCO!!!

  16. Wayne Daniel says:

    I have used the Accu-chek compact for many years. There has never been a better or more convenient test unit. The Accu-chek Guide, Roche’s substitute is no different nor better than all the other meters on the market. Roche’s clever marketing tries to make the Guide appear to be something new and improved, but it’s still a pig in lipstick. Shame on you Roche!

  17. Clint Bell says:

    I want you guys to explain why you are discontinuing a Great glucose monitor and don’t say it’s because they are too expensive to Make because we spend enough money with you guys that you should be looking out for us not your damn bottom line

    • DiabeticOutlet says:

      I am sorry about your frustration. We are not sure why the manufacturer discontinued this product. You may contact them directly for an explanation.

  18. Clint Bell says:

    I am very disappointed that they are discontinuing the Accu Chek compact plus metre I love it it’s so small and accurate I hope another company will pick up the same idea and continue it on us as diabetic spend a lot of money on our Illness. They should make it easy for us

    • George Derderian says:

      I’m really upset that Roche has discontinued the ACCU – CHEK Mobile and ACCU – CHEK Compact Plus blood testing meters !!! If they are not going to supply the needs of the people , they should have replaced them with new meters !!! The way I see it Roche doesn’t care about their supporting customers !!! It’s cheaper to maintain the blood strips and keep the customers they have . Once I’m out of test strips I will never stay and buy from Roche again I’ve been with Roche for 25 years and this is the way you get treated ?

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