FREEZEshot and COOLshot Dermal Numbing System are revolutionary products that prevent the pain of needle sting in human and pets respectively. Both are made by Advocate the manufacturer of innovative diabetic and medical products.

Though both of these products virtually do the same thing, one obviously for human and the other for pets, there is a subtle difference between the two. The COOLshot Dermal Numbing System has a larger stainless steel head so the cold can penetrate the fur (for numbing). The FREEZEshot on the other hand has a smaller, silicone head for human insulin, immunizations, botox shots, etc.

ADVOCATE COOLshot Dermal Numbing System for Pets

Advocate COOLshot Dermal Numbing System offers the most humane way to inject or administer a shot to cats and dogs.

(1) $21.95 or subscribe and save 10%

ADVOCATE FREEZEshot, Eliminates Injection Pain

FREEZEshot is a compact, portable solution designed to be taken directly from the freezer to contact with your skin before a shot or injection.

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ADVOCATE FREEZEshot and COOLshot Dermal Numbing System share the following benefits and features.


  • Easy to use
  • Quickly numbs the skin in under a minute for no pain from shots/injections
  • Can also be used post-injection for pain relief
  • Drug-free means of pain prevention and relief
  • No prescription needed


  • The first product of its kind
  • Topical dermal numbing device
  • Portable, and reusable
  • For lancing and insulin injections
  • Immunization shots

More about ADVOCATE COOLshot Dermal Numbing System

Advocate COOLshot is designed to take the pain out of lancing and insulin shots for your pets. It is a compact, portable solution designed to be taken directly from the freezer to contact your pet’s skin before a shot or injection.

COOLshot for pets is an extension of the original Advocate FREEZEShot (for humans). Developed specifically for pets COOLshot is a drug-free numbing device that works by chilling the skin or affected area, which in turn, numbs the tissue gently and temporarily.  The solution inside is self-contained behind a metal barrier and never directly comes into contact with the animal. It is a medical-grade gel called Cellusize, which stays cold for an extended period of time. COOLshot numbs the area thoroughly so you (and your pet) don’t have to dread the experience any longer! The product is designed to be stored in the freezer.

COOLshot is great for…
  • Vet Visits
  • Home Testing
  • Insulin Pain/Sting
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