ADVOCATE FREEZEshot  is the pre-injection solution to prevent pain from needle/injection pain. This unique all-natural system quickly numbs the injection site so you never have to fear needle pain again. Great for insulin, B12, Botox, HGH, IVF, etc. injections as well as numbing the site for insulin pump cannulas or IV Therapy insertions. Can also be used before (and after!) pricking your finger for blood glucose testing.

$19.95 or subscribe and save 5%

Before injecting or pricking your skin, this revolutionary product prevents the pain of needle sting. Simply take it out of your freezer and press the soft blue top against your skin for 20 or 35 seconds to eliminate the pain of skin puncture.


  • Easy to use
  • Quickly numbs your skin in under a minute for no pain from shots/injections
  • Can be applied to arms, legs, stomach, or back
  • Can also be used post-injection for pain relief
  • Drug-free means of pain prevention and relief
  • No prescription needed

ADVOCATE FREEZEshot is a compact, portable solution designed to be taken directly from the freezer to contact with your skin before a shot or injection. You no longer have to dread needles, shots, insulin injections, etc. with FREEZEshot by your side.

  • The first product of its kind
  • Topical dermal numbing device
  • Personal, portable, and reusable
  • Lasts for month normal use
  • For fingersticks and insulin injections
  • B-12, HCG, HGH and IVF shots at home
  • Immunization shots and piercings
  • For insect bites, cuts, rashes, and minor burns
  • For achy joints, migraines, puffy eyes


  1. Store FreezeShot cap-side down in the freezer
  2. Remove the cap from your FreezeShot bottle
  3. Apply to injection site firmly for 35 ∼ seconds.
  4. Experience pain-free injections and enjoy relief.
$19.95 or subscribe and save 5%
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