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Pharma Supply, Inc., the manufacturer of Advocate products, has recently redesigned their revolutionary Pain Relief Stick to offer enhanced quality of pain relief. Advocate AfterTest Stick is now Advocate LidoAID Portable Pain Relieving Gel.

ADVOCATE LidoAID Portable Pain Relieving Gel

The pain associated with every day testing and injections can often be unbearable. Luckily, LidoAID, formerly the Advocate Pain Relief Stick, offers you a portable solution for any and all pains associated with finger sticking and needle puncture related pain. Any body who has to deal with this pain daily knows how much value a treatment for it has. It can bring an end to the dread you feel every time you check your insulin levels!

Benefits of Advocate LidoAID

Advocate LidoAID has many potential benefits. Since it is designed to use after injections, it serves as a great solution for those suffering diabetic complications. With its instant relief, it can help the pain and dread you feel when injection time comes around. On top of it all, Advocate LidoAID comes in a portable container for use on the go. Keep reading for more in depth benefits of LidoAID.


Advocate LidoAID is a topical analgesic gel spray that relieves pain associated with needle punctures and finger sticking. The spray comes in a a small, easily concealable container that makes it ideal for pain relief on the go. This accessibility and ease of transport is a huge benefit. Anyone suffering from diabetic complications knows the pain from testing and injections can be intolerable sometimes. With this gel, you can get pain relief anywhere, anytime.

End Injection Dread

Injections can cause pain, swelling, irritation, and inflammation. This is more than enough to make even the toughest dread injection time. Advocate LidoAID is designed to be applied immediately after an injection and can provide instant relief. With the spay, your injection dread can be lessened right away!

Ideal for Diabetic Injection Pain

Advocate LidoAID is great for people battling diabetes because it is specially designed to be used after injections. This means you do not have to plan times to take pain relievers or wait an extended time before you can get relief from the pain. The spray can be a lifesaver for those who experience daily pain from their diabetic insulin injections.

Experience pain from injections of finger sticks regularly, want a portable pain relief option, or want to help ease the dread of daily injections? Advocate LidoAID may be your answer. Pain from injections can be easily managed. Advocate LidoAID as a great solution for you!

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