Arkray GlucoCard Vital Glucose Meter uses the Arkray GlucoCard Vital test strips to quantitative measure the blood glucose levels in fresh capillary whole blood samples drawn from the fingertips or palm. Arkray GlucoCard Vital meter requires only 0.5 µL sample size and provide accurate glucose readings in just 7 seconds.

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The GlucoCard Vital Glucose Meter is everything a blood glucose meter should be – fast, accurate and easy to use. A small 0.5 µL sample size in our GO-based test strip platform gives accurate results in as little as 7 seconds. This auto coded meter has a 250-test memory, records 14- and 30-day averaging and is downloadable.  GlucoCard Vital meter is made by ARKRAY, one of the leading manufacturers of diabetic supplies.


The ARKRAY GlucoCard Vital Glucose Meter has the following features:

  • 0.5 µL sample size
  • Meter range: 20-600 mg/dL
  • Precise results in just 7 seconds
  • Auto coded meter with a 250-test memory


The Arkray GlucoCard Vital Glucose Meter has the following specifications:

  • Test Strips: GLUCOCARD Vital Test Strips
  • Test Range: 20 – 600 mg/dL
  • Calibration: Plasma
  • Test Time: 7 Seconds
  • Sample Size: Minimum 0.5 µL
  • Blood Source: Capillary Whole Blood
  • Hematocrit Range: 33-52%
  • Glucose Units: mg/dL
  • Display Type: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
  • Memory: 250 results with 14- and 30-d
  • Dimension: Approx. 3″ x 2″ x ½” (80 mm x 46 mm x 16 mm)
  • Weight:  Approx. 1½ oz. (39 g)
  • Power Source: Single replacement 3V (CR2032)
  • Battery Life: More than 2,000 tests at 4
  • Automatic Shut-off: 2 Minutes After Last User Action
  • Operating Temperature: 50˚F to 104˚F.
  • Relative Humidity: 20% – 80%
  • Optimum Operating Ranges: 50°F – 104°F (10°C – 40°C)


  • Results: Plasma referenced
  • Calibration: Auto coding
  • Display: LCD
  • Memory: 250 tests with time & date stamp
  • Averaging: 14- and 30-day averaging
  • Downloadable: Yes

You may use the ARKRAY Assure Dose Control Solution to check that the ARKRAY GlucoCard Vital glucose meter and test strips are working correctly. It is important that you carry out this simple check regularly. For precise instructions please check the GlucoCard Vital manual provided in the meter box.

(1) $18.99
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