ARKRAY TechLite lancets 100 count are sterile, disposable devices used to obtain a capillary blood sample. TechLite lancets are compatible with most standard lancing devices. The Techlite lancets work best for individuals that lance their finger frequently or have a thin skin (such as child or elderly persons).

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TechLite lancets are light weight, sterile and easy to use.TechLite Lancets lancets feature tri-beveled and fine gauge for virtually pain free glucose testing.TechLite Lancets are sterilized to ensure your safety during the testing process. Techlite lancets are made by Arkary, one of the leading manufacturers of diabetes and medical products.


  • Sterile, Disposable
  • Smooth, tri-bevel point promotes comfortable sampling.
  • Compatible with most finger lancing devices.
  • Contoured body for easier handling

As the cost of diabetes supplies continues to rise, users must continually seek out new and cost-effective means of diabetes management. Ideal for obtaining a capillary blood sample, the Arkray Techlite lancets are a high-quality, cost-effective resource for your testing needs. With a tri-beveled point, these gentle and easy-to-use lancets come in the sizes commonly utilized today.

(3) $6.99 or subscribe and save 10%
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