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3 Test Results Anyone with Diabetes Must Track


As a person battling diabetes, you are constantly being reminded to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and monitor your blood glucose levels. But, how do you know your efforts are paying off? Well, there are 3 tests directly affected by good glucose control, diet, and exercise. Knowing your numbers and how they are trending will help […]

Diabetes & Toe Problems: 3 Products to Help Keep Them Healthy

diabetic toe care products

Having healthy feet is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy feet require healthy toes. The benefits of proper toe care are explicit in diabetes management. In this blog we are going to discuss 3 products that can help you relieve the pain, pinching and pressure in your toes often associated with diabetes. How […]

Small Changes Matter: How I Converted from Starbucks to Libre

How-I-converted-from-Starbucks-to-freetyle Libre cgm

If your first thought upon seeing this article is that I am preaching to the choir, I hear you. I am not here to tell you another life-changing story, but rather share with you a small change that positively impacted my life and why it matters. At the end, you can judge for yourself. The Background […]