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Clean Your Skin Before and After Glucose Testing with This Clever Product


Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to prepare and cleanse your skin before and after glucose testing? The PandaPod offers all this within an easy-to-use and convenient package containing wipes for glucose testing. Safe, On the Go Testing Those who have had to test their glucose when out and about can face some […]

How To Extend Your Injection Sites with Just A FLEX

Flextend Extend Your Injection Sites with Just A FLEX

While our bodies can move in many ways, our range of motion only goes so far, and some positions are impossible to achieve. For those with diabetes, this becomes an issue when injecting insulin. With insulin pens, there are only so many places that can be reached while still holding the pen in a way […]

How to Reduce Pain, Anxiety, and Bruising Associated with Pen Injections

reduce pain and anxiety with pen injections with tickleflex

No one enjoys having injections, and while this is a common occurrence for those with diabetes, that does not make it any more bearable. What does make injections more tolerable, though, is the combination of insulin pens and a new accessory you may know about called TickleFLEX. When compared to the standard syringe and vial […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Insulin Pens over Syringes and Vials


Administering insulin can be a challenging task. Carrying the supplies, keeping the insulin cool, getting the right dose, and enduring the pain of injection are some of the daily changes that one has to overcome when taking insulin. Choosing the right method to administer insulin can be a huge help in meeting these challenges. Available […]

How to Discreetly and Conveniently Carry Your Glucose Tablets


Have you ever had to carry around big bulky glucose tablet bottles in your pocket when you’re out and about? Well, cheer up because PocketPod, a user-friendly, small and lightweight glucose tab case, has created a solution that makes bringing along a few glucose tablets very convenient. We all know all about the glucose tablets […]

Looking for a Diabetic Logbook? Look No Further


It seems as though digital methods of tracking glucose readings are exploding across the market right now, and that’s great for many people, but some still prefer to handwrite out their numbers. The problem, though, is that the massive explosion in digital apps and CGMs leaves very few options for those looking for a more […]

Libre 2 vs. Dexcom G6: What are the differences?


With all the continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) on the market, it’s only natural to wonder what benefits each product offers. For those wondering about the differences between the Libre. 2 and Dexcom G6 CGMs, keep reading! Similarities & Differences Compoents Dexcom G6 has 3 components including a sensor, a transmitter and a receiver, whereas the […]

Blood Glucose Test Strips – A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners


A diabetes diagnosis is not only going to change your daily way of living, but it is also accompanied by an overwhelming amount of information that may seem difficult to navigate. If you have started researching different aspects of diabetes, you have likely noticed the multitude of web pages that can offer you bits and […]