Bayer Ascensia, the manufacture of Breeze2, has recently announced that they will no longer be distributing Bayer Breeze2 blood glucose test strips and its related accessories.

The discontinuation of Breeze2 blood glucose monitoring system was first made public in 2015. Despite the official discontinuation of the Breeze2 meter, the manufacturer decided to grandfather the existing users until the end of 2017. Beginning in January 2018 Bayer Ascensia officially declared that they will no longer be distributing Breeze2 blood glucose test strips.


This means Bayer Breeze2 test strips and accessories will soon be impossible to obtain. This is obviously sad news for long-term users of Breeze2 who have been replying upon great features of this monitoring system, specially the the disc feature which simply eliminates fumbling withe individual test strips.


Given the manufacturer has decided to stop the distribution of Breeze2 test strips, you can soon expect a tremendous shortage in the market. This often results in a significant increase in the price. Stock up as many boxes of Breeze2 as you can if you wish to continue using your Breeze2 meter for as long as possible. Otherwise, consider switching to a new blood glucose monitoring system.

Use the following links to order your Breeze2 test strips. Please note the following links will be available while supplies last.


With Bayer Breeze2 test strips discontinued some users may seek out an alternative test strip for their meter. Unfortunately, there is no alternative or generic test strips that can be used with the Breeze2 blood glucose meter. You will need to switch to a new blood glucose monitoring system.

Before you can choose a new blood glucose monitoring system you need to decide whether you wish to continue using one of Bayer’s meters or switch to a different brand. Decide from one of the two options below.

Final words

Choosing the right glucose monitoring system is never an easy task. There are many different brands of glucose monitors available in the marketing each one presenting a variety of features. In general, there is no such a thing as good or bad blood glucose monitor. The choice is dependent on a number of factors including accuracy, user-friendliness, size, time, cost, and software. To learn more see how to select a glucose monitoring system. Lastly, to make an informed decision we recommend visiting each product page and looking into the actual product reviews submitted by verified buyers.

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.


  1. Rex says:

    Bayer is another greedy company that does not care about people, and what we do to keep alive. I wish you all Diabetes problems and then try and deal with it.

    • DiabeticOutlet says:

      Manufacturer recommends to dispose expired test strips. There is no established viable period after the expiration date.

  2. Ouida Carrington says:

    I did not know they were discontinued I got letter stating this the insurance just stopped paying for it ! I have been looking all over for it,I guess I can stop now! Just came across this post.

  3. Ted Bader says:

    PLEASE, Somebody out there develop new strips that will fit the Breeze 2 meter. I paid $1,80 apiece for the last batch I was able to come up with, and am almost out now. Why is nobody making a cartridge type meter like the Breeze 2? Was there something wrong with the design? Can Beyer explain this to all us loyalists out there who will be forced to switch to anything not Beyer in retaliation for this move?

    • Robert Paris says:

      The loss of test strip disc s for the Breeze 2 meters is not good. Bayer sent me a new meter with the test strips to be stored in the bulky, hard-to-handle, snap-lid container and slippery individual strips. The manual for the new meter and strips is over 50 pages long. The Breeze 2 and discs were so easy to use and convenient, especially for the elderly, those with tremor or parkinsons, and those with other disabilities. Bayer should consider re-introducing the Breeze 2 or an updated version of it. You can complain about this problem by sending your displeasure to, although I doubt if there will be a correction of the mistake this company has made.

      • Michael Zeglevski says:

        Due to this Breeze2 discontinuation I have a shit-ton of test strips that I don’t know what to do with. It seems immoral to just throw them out.

      • Enna says:

        I bought expired strips. My a.m. fasting with three separate strips, 2 were. 2017 were 146, 126 respectively done 2 mon. apart, and I switched to a 2018 expir. and it is 114! All within 5 minutes. Beware expired strips. I saw this with older strips but thought these were new enough. They obviously are not.

  4. Mark roskein says:

    Bayer must be a Trump business because they are showing the same contempt for the sick as he does putting profit before people.What would Jesus do???????

  5. Colette says:

    The lady I care for uses this and we were just told they are no longer available!! I’m signing up for responses should anyone know of another one that is easy for the elderly to use!

  6. newly diabetic says:

    this is just terrible.
    Imagine your sugar falls low and you have to fumble around with test strips and trying to insert it into the monitor.
    next thing you know your waking up to EMS or in the hospital.
    The convenience this disk provided was basically life saving. this is really sad news

  7. Bessie McLaughlin says:

    I rely on Breeze 2 as I have trouble with the individual strips. Why is it that once people get used to using a product and are comfortable, the powers that be decide to discontinue. Hope some one of them or their family members also run into the same problem. Maybe then they will see the light and think of their customers once in a while.

  8. Ingeborg Keese-Farkas says:

    What are all the people do, who have’ finger Problems’ and have trouble to insert the test strips into the monitor? That was my life safer, when I found Breeze 2 . I wasted so many test strips ,trying to get them into the monitor without contaminating. I really don’t want to run around with a box patch on my arm. I am still pet sitting and animals would love to mess with it.

  9. Keven Spence says:

    Okay compediters, here is your chance. Start producing test strip disk to fit the Breeze II now that Bayer no longer supports this product. Surely Bayer will release any patent or copy-write on a product they no longer support.

    • DiabeticOutlet says:

      Thank you for sharing your feedback. It’s unfortunate that Bayer decided to discontinue such a convenient blood glucose monitor.

  10. Frederick Bach says:

    This is disgraceful. I agree with the poster who mentioned having difficulty fiddling with individual test strips when blood sugar is low.. I hate fiddling with them at any time. What about old people with very arthritic fingers? And I am told that NOBODY makes a test-strip disk any more! Like Riley used to say on that old TV show, “What a revolting development this is!”

  11. Robyn says:

    As a paramedic I worry about contamination between patients. The breeze 2 test strips provided peace of mind against contamination, especially when switching between patients. Is there an equivalent? I’m looking for a glucometer with test strips we don’t have to fish out of a container with our hands.

    • DiabeticOutlet says:

      Hi Robyn,
      Unfortunately, we are not sure why the manufacturer decided to discontinue Breeze2. Unfortunately, there is no alternative that offers the disc feature. All home blood glucose monitors require handling of individual strips.

    • Gary Jay says:

      For my wife, it is about having something she can use with arthritic fingers. So it’s not so much the discontinuation of the Breeze2 but the inability to find a disc system. Given it is what it is, has anyone found test strips that might be a bit longer so you can get a better grip on them to insert into the monitor without contamination of the strip end? Or a monitor that makes it super easy to insert the strips.

    • Bea says:

      For sure! They were very expensive but it was still my favorite! I am 76 and need a way that is as convenient at the Breeze is.

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