Among a variety of monitoring systems available in the market, the newly developed blood glucose monitoring system that has received high acclaim is the Contour NEXT, made by Bayer.

Bayer Contour NEXT glucose monitoring system has been in use for several years and is remarkably easy to use. The Contour NEXT has gone through extensive testing and is proven to deliver blood sugar test results that are as accurate as those measured by the commercial laboratories.

Bayer Contour NEXT glucose meter uses Contour NEXT test strips. The Contour Next glucose meter is easy to use and requires no coding. By adding a small amount of blood, one can have a read out of the glucose levels in as little as 5 seconds. Unlike the older glucose meters, the Contour NEXT has a multipulse system, which accurately reads even low levels of glucose. In addition, unlike the past meters, glucose levels are not affected by temperature, humidity or contact of the test strip with your fingers.

Bayer Contour NEXT features a bright digital screen that allows for easy reading of glucose levels. Glucose levels are displayed in different colors and the meter will even tell you if the levels are high or low. The electronic log book machine has the capacity to summarize your weekly glucose testing results. There are also meal markers that indicate you which foods can alter your glucose levels. The Contour NEXT glucose machine has an audible tone that helps you remember to test your sugar levels after a meal.

Bayer Contour NEXT glucose meter is a portable machine with a rechargeable battery. This means you can use it whenever you’re on the go. Furthermore, there is an extensive, built-in diabetic management library that the patients can access.

Overall, the biggest advantage of the Bayer Contour NEXT seems to be its small, portable, and very easy-to-use design. It’s also affordable for uninsured patients who seek to earn accurate glucose test results. The one downside is that there is no carrying case. But at such a low price, there is no other machine that is better.

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