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(6) $39.95

Advocate PetTest Test Strips For Diabetic Pets

The ADVOCATE PetTest Strips are used for the accurate monitoring of blood glucose testing in diabetic cats and dogs. The small blood samples required and the testing strip indicator window makes blood application extremely easy. Alternate site testing can be used to reduce the pain associated with glucose testing caused by repetitive glucose testing on the same area.

Advocate PetTest strips for use with Advocate PetTest glucose meter only.


The ADVOCATE PetTest strips provide the same reliable results you would expect from leading pet test strip brands at cheaper cost to you.

  • No Coding Required
  • Small Sample Size
  • Alternate Site testing Approved
  • Accurate & Easy to Handle
  • Available in 50 count Vials
  • Smallest Sample Size Needed (0.3 mcL)
  • Use Only for Dogs and Cats
  • Comparable to Leading Brands in Accuracy

How to Save on Your ADVOCATE PetTest Strips

The best way to save on your ADVOCATE PetTest Strips is to take advantage of our quantity discounts. Visit the ADVOCATE PetTest Strips page here and look for the quantity discounts table. The formula is simple: the more you buy the more discount you get.

Advocate PetTest Strips Quantity Discounts

ADVOCATE Pet Test Strips Free Shipping

Enjoy free shipping when you order your ADVOCATE PetTest test strips from Diabetic Outlet. Simply add your pet test strips to cart and choose our free shipping. Use our straightforward and secure checkout to complete your purchase without having to pay for shipping fees. We carry plenty of the ADVOCATE pet test strips in stock ready for shipping. You diabetic pet test strips will ship out on same day it is received at no shipping cost.

(6) $39.95

Bundle & Save Even More

Here is the best part, you can also bundle your ADVOCATE PetTest Strips with other PetTest accessories and save even more. Take a look at the bundles options below to see which package best fits your need:

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