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To CareTouch pen needle users I have got great news for you. The CareTouch 33 gauge pen needles have finally arrived and are available for purchase. Enjoy quantity discounts and free shipping on CareTouch’s shortest pen needle 33g x 4mm.

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CareTouch Insulin Pen Needle 33G x 4mm x 5/32″

As mentioned earlier the 33g Pen Needle is the shortest pen needle that CareTouch offers. This is significant because the 33 gangue exceeds the expectations of the previously popular 32 gauge pen needles from CareTouch. The 33 gauge, 5/32 inches, 4mm pen needles from CareTouch are made to minimize discomfort while increasing the precision of syringes during injections and extractions. It uses modern day medical standards to ensure safety and efficiency.

Each box comes with 100 individually-wrapped, sterile needles that attach securely to multiple different insulin pens. The CareTouch Pen Needles are universal fit, triple sharped, and silicone coated for smoother injection flows and more accurate doses making them a suitable choice for all your home injection needs.

Key Features


Triple-sharpened is a medical standard for needles. It alludes to how the needle’s sharp end is formed, one at the surface and one of each at the sides. This will make skin penetration easier and less painful. Having a triple sharpened needle makes drawing blood simple. The needle tip is able to break the skin more precisely, causing that “needle sting” to be minimal. 

Silicone Coated Bevel

The silicone-coated bevel reduces discomfort and administers a more accurate dose. The coating helps the needle inject into the skin more easily. 

Luer Lock Technology

This feature makes the pen needles compatible with a wide range of insulin pens. The Luer Lock is a standardize fitting for syringes to make leak-free connections between the syringe and the needle. It’s most common type of lock most syringes use today.

Key Benefits

Insulin pens offer numerous options to allow insulin delivery to be tailored to the user. Newer designs of pens like the CareTouch 33g are increasingly user-friendly and are intuitive to use, requiring little or no instruction. 

Great For Children/Young Adults

Users that are children or young adults can quickly be taught how to use an insulin pen. This should go hand-in-hand with educating the user on the importance of achieving accurate dosing, which the CareTouch Pen Needles ensure.  

Easy to Use

The CareTouch 33g Pen Needles are easier to use than traditional syringes and safer to handle. The individual wrapped needles are sterile and non-toxic, making them easy to travel with or use in public. 

Thorough training of patients in the practical aspects and aims of insulin injection remains important, as errors in insulin delivery can result in incorrect dose administration and thus affect clinical outcomes adversely. With many users switching from a hard-to-manage standard syringe to an easily managed pen needle, users are finding pen needles have the least amount of discomfort during insulin injections. 

CareTouch Insulin Pen Needles are triple sharpened, easily-fastened, and each needle bevel (the shorter end that angles downward towards the sharpest point) is coated with a thin layer of silicone. This allows for a smoother injection flow and a more accurate dose. With such great features at a great price, you’ll get everything you need with these pen needles.

Best Seller
(37) $14.99$15.99 or subscribe and save 10%
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