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Cities Are the Front Line in the Global Diabetes Epidemic Novo Nordisk is working with a coalition of major cities to bend the curve on type 2 diabetes. We’re calling for local political and health leaders of all cities to ask what it will take to change the trajectory of the disease in their area […]


Type 2 Diabetes Can Be Reversed, But Reality Isn’t That Simple Q: Can Type 2 diabetes be reversed? My son was recently diagnosed with it, but I’m not sure he’s taking it seriously enough. A: I understand your concern: Clearly, your son – and everyone with diabetes – should do whatever they can to combat […]


Researchers Uncover the Source of Diabetic Nerve Pain A new King’s College London study reveals the molecular basis of chronic nerve pain in diabetes. The findings in mice, published today in Science Translational Medicine, could one day lead to treatments which target the source of the pain.. Read the full article here: Medical Express Adding Lifestyle […]


Immunotherapy Treatment Shown Safe in Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Trial A small clinical trial showed an immune system therapy was safe for people with type 1 diabetes, British researchers report. The immunotherapy also showed signs of helping to keep insulin production steady in people newly diagnosed with the disease, the study authors said. Read the […]


Diabetic Sight Loss Cut by Screening, Research Shows The proportion of diabetics who go blind or suffer sight loss has almost halved since a new national retinopathy screening programm started in 2007. Read the full story here: BBC News Abbott and Bigfoot Biomedical Announce Collaboration to Develop Breakthrough Diabetes Technologies Abbott and Bigfoot Biomedical today […]


ADVOCATE FREEZESHOT INJECTION PAIN PREVENTION SYSTEM ADVOCATE FREEZEshot  is the pre-injection solution to prevent pain from needle/injection pain. This unique all-natural system quickly numbs the injection site so you never have to fear needle pain again. Great for insulin, B12, Botox, HGH, IVF, etc. injections as well as numbing the site for insulin pump cannulas […]



Rat-grown organs cure diabetic mice In a new study by a team of Japanese scientists from Stanford University test mice were given drug-induced diabetes and endocrine islets extracted from the chimera rats’ pancreas were then transplanted into the mice. The transplanted islets successfully normalized and maintained host blood glucose levels for over 370 days. Read the […]


Harvard scientist retracts breakthrough diabetes study A Harvard University stem cell scientist Douglas Melton and his team of researchers published an article about a hormone found in the liver that could help increase insulin production. The findings of the article was claimed to offer groundbreaking treatments in diabetes. However, the researchers retracted their finding soon after […]


Eye injection can help restore vision loss resulting from diabetes According to Miami Herald, for diabetic patient who were diagnosed early with diabetic retinopathy intravitreal  injection can be effective. In this procedure medicine is injected in patient’s eye, near the retina, which counteracts the damage to the blood vessels. Reference: Miami Herald Researchers use math […]