Clean Your Skin Before and After Glucose Testing with This Clever Product


Are you looking for an environmentally friendly way to prepare and cleanse your skin before and after glucose testing? The PandaPod offers all this within an easy-to-use and convenient package containing wipes for glucose testing.

Safe, On the Go Testing

Those who have had to test their glucose when out and about can face some of the following issues.

How Do I Clean My Skin?

When it comes to skin prep for glucose testing, it is crucial to ensure that the skin you are using is clean; otherwise, germs can interfere with your test causing an inaccurate reading.

How Do I Clean Up Blood Residue?

After you prick your skin, you likely have blood residue that lingers, but how do you clean it away after using a test strip?

Where Do I Put the Dirty Wipe and Used Test Strip?

Once you have cleaned up the blood residue on the skin, there then comes the problem of where to put it, especially if there isn’t a trash can nearby. Women won’t want to put a wipe with blood into their purses, and men won’t want to stuff it into their pockets, but sometimes it seems like there is no other choice.

And the same problem comes with what to do with the used test strip. It also has blood on it, but what can you do with it?

These problems may sometimes seem easily remedied by finding a sheet of toilet paper or carrying a pack of wet wipes, but this is not always convenient. Wet wipes can be bulky, and there might not be a bathroom nearby where you can grab toilet paper. Even more, it might be hard to find a place to dispose of the dirty wipe safely, and for the test strips, carrying a container specific for disposing of them isn’t always convenient.

The solution for all these problems is PandaPod.

PandaPod: Tissues for Glucose testing

The following features of PandaPod make it an ideal companion for those who need to check their glucose levels on-the-go.

Charcoal Tissues

PandaPod contains biodegradable spunlace charcoal tissues that are good for the environment while still highly cleansing. Rather than a conventional tissue, these wipes are made of a nonwoven fabric that is tough enough to scrub with while the highly absorbent charcoal sanitizes. As dry wipes, there is also no concern about them drying out, giving them a long shelf life.

Integrated Waste Bin

No longer do you have to wonder where to put your trash thanks to PandaPod’s two compartments. The top compartment opens to gain access to the charcoal wipes, and when you’re done open the bottom lid to find a storage space where you can put the used charcoal tissue and sensor strips.

Despite its small size, the PandaPod can hold a lot, with each side of the container capable of holding 40 tissues.

User Friendly

The lid of the PandaPod snaps shut with magnets and can easily be opened thanks to the help of the protruding lip.


Rather than buying a new system every time you run out of wipes, the PandaPod is easy to refill, ensuring you can always have a wipe for glucose testing.

Give PandaPod a Try

If you’re searching for a convenient way to cleanse your skin before and after glucose testing, PandaPod is your compact solution. Using charcoal dry wipes, PandaPod is user-friendly, refillable, and contains a separate bin to place your used wipes and test strips, providing an all-on-one solution for testing preparations on the go.

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