Dario blood glucose meters are very popular among Apple users as they can be used in conjunction with an iPhone app. This provides you with the ability to effortlessly track and monitor blood glucose testing results over time and for some, it has been incredibly valuable in helping them manage their diabetes.

Up until recently, the Dario meter utilized the audio jack in the iPhone. As of iPhone 7, the device no longer has an audio jack, so this became a problem for users. Once they upgraded their phone, their Dario meter would not work!

Since then, Dario has redesigned their smart meter to comply with the newer iPhone 7 and higher models. This new meter, called Dario LC, now connects to your iPhone using the lightning jack – that’s the outlet you use to plug in your phone charger. It is specially designed for iPhone 7 and 7+, iPhone 8 and 8+, and the newest iPhone X.

Dario LC now available at Diabetic Outlet

As Dario meters are one of our most popular blood glucose testing meters, we wanted to make sure you have access to the latest versions as soon as they became available.

Of course, your older Dario smart meter will continue to work with your iPhone if it is a model 6, 6+, or earlier. Once you upgrade to a newer phone, you will need to upgrade to Dario LC with lightning connector. Android users can also continue to use the older Dario meters until their design no longer includes an audio jack.

Dario glucose meters: simply smarter

The Dario blood glucose monitoring system is for use in conjunction with the Dario app. The app is available—and is free for the iOS platform—through Apple’s App Store. You control and monitor the meter directly through the app, which is a cloud-based system designed to help you track and manage your test results over time. 

Having easy access to your blood glucose testing results is a great support in the quest for better health, as you can easily share your results with your doctor or other healthcare practitioners.

Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store and open it for the first time, the app will prompt you to set up your device, your account, and preferences. If you already have a Dario account, simply sign in and you’re ready to go. But that’s not all. See 4 things you did not know about Dario glucose monitoring system

First things first: Check the accuracy of your meter right away

If you are using your Dario LC meter for the first time, it is always advisable to check the meter’s readings with Dario control solution. This will ensure your new Dario LC is performing as it should and give you confidence that your results will be accurate. See when to check your Dario meter and strips with Dario control solution

If you have any more questions or would like more information on the Dario LC smart meter for newer iPhones, you can view the manual here. To shop Dario LC, Dario smart meters and other Dario testing supplies, shop now.

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

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