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The Dario smart meter glucose monitoring system has managed to stay at the top of self-testing with over 100,000 5 star reviews across the web. The pocket-sized, all-in-one glucose meter system couples with a robust real time mobile app helps manage diabetes quickly, efficiently and accurately. The Dario test strips are known to have stellar accuracy and produce definite readings within 5 seconds. This innovative kit puts the power of impressive diabetic management at your fingertips by connecting directly to your iPhone.

No More Big and Bulky Supplies

Diabetic meter kits are known to be big, bulky, and frankly a hassle to carry around. Dario is only assembled with what needs to be there to give you an accurate reading. Its sleek and modern design is great for all ages and genders. Just reaching 5 inches long, included in the device is the lancing apparatus built into the bottom and a strip cartridge located on top. The meter slides out from the side and disconnects so you can connect it directly to another device to view and track your data.

Connects Directly to your Smartphone

The Dario’s all-in-one device offers a free mobile app that you can easily download. You can check your blood glucose levels within seconds, and rely on that reading to be accurately delivered directly on your smartphone. The app has received 4.9/5 stars with over 11,000 reviews.

Download the App

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The Power of Mobile Readings

You can track your diabetic management in one place by viewing medical trends on the app and plan out more effective dosage adjustments according to your results. With continuous insights being logged through your logbook, you can track which foods and activities cause spikes in your blood sugar. Having a continuous log ensures positive reinforcement as managing diabetes can be a slippery slope!

Another fantastic feature is being able to keep your doctors, nurses, and family members notified on your blood glucose levels. You have the ability to share your logbook within the app with anyone you like. This is a fantastic safety precaution for small children to share with their parents or elderly patients to share with their loved ones. 

Hypoglycemic GPS Ping Notification

Hypoglycemia occurs when the blood sugar in the body drops severely low. When this happens, individuals tend to suffer from confusion, dizziness, weakness, and blurry vision. If you have the Dario meter connected to your smartphone and receive an urgent low glucose reading, the Dario app will send a text message with your current blood glucose reading and GPS location to up to 4 emergency contacts. The symptoms of hypoglycemia may cause an individual to be unsure of how to treat themselves, and this again ensures safety of the individual using the Dario glucose monitor.

Effective Carb Counting Tool

Counting carbs does not always have to be a guessing game. Dario has a food database with over 500,000 food items that guide you into counting carbs accurately and quickly. You have the ability to save your favorite meals, so you don’t have to worry about calculating or counting your food. If you’re living with diabetes, you know being off by 10 carbs can have an effect on your blood glucose levels; this is a solution to that problem.

The Dario Smart Meter Glucose Monitor will give you much more freedom if you’re someone living with diabetes. You will be receiving the sought after all-in-one glucose meter, everything you need to being objective and effective testing and an intuitive app for result analysis and tracking. If you are looking for a safer and better way to manage your diabetes, click here.

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

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