• Harvard scientist retracts breakthrough diabetes study
    A Harvard University stem cell scientist Douglas Melton and his team of researchers published an article about a hormone found in the liver that could help increase insulin production. The findings of the article was claimed to offer groundbreaking treatments in diabetes. However, the researchers retracted their finding soon after the results were questioned by peer reviewer. Read the full story here: STAT News
  • Diabetes treatment costs more than any other disease in America
    A group of researchers tracked the cost of 155 diseases for 18 years. The results revealed that only 20 diseases (of that 155) were responsible for half the cost. And diabetes is leading the list, surpassing other conditions in total dollars spent, costing only $101 billion in diagnosis and treatment in 2013. Read the full story here: CNBC
  • Dietary magnesium tied to lower risk of heart disease and diabetes
    A new research suggests a diet rich in magnesium – found in foods like leafy greens, fish, nuts and whole grains – may help lower the risk of chronic health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Read full story here:  Fox News
  • JPMC to Offer Diabetes Classes
    Jane Phillips Medical Center will offer a series of educational diabetes prevention classes starting next month. The program will run on Wednesdays, January 11th through April 26th from noon to 12:45. The classes will be held in the first floor classroom at Jane Phillips Medical Center, 3500 SE Frank Phillips Boulevard in Bartlesville. More details at Bartlesville Radio.
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