As you may or may not know cats are pretty creative animals. Some people think we are curious. Others think we are resourceful. The truth is we are creative thinkers. We may be a bit scaredy but we are not afraid of taking chances to explore new things. And guess what?! That’s a common trait of creative thinkers — they are curious.

What about you? Are you a creative thinker?

You’re probably wondering what my question has to do with diabetes. Well, creativity may be the most valuable asset one can tap into when dealing with diabetes. Let’s be honest, managing diabetes can be a daunting task, so why not incorporate creativity into your overall strategy? Granted the cornerstone of managing diabetes relies upon monitoring and controlling glucose levels, but there are still avenues for creativity when it comes to diet, lifestyle, and exercise.

Start by thinking outside the box. Just because your fellow diabetic does A, takes B, and follows C, doesn’t mean you have to. Be creative by trying new recipes, exploring new avenues for fitness and exercise, and by getting your family or friends involved. Mixing things up by creative thinking can help make managing your diabetes less monotonous.

If you are not naturally a creative thinker, there is no time like the present to put into action the moto “practice makes perfect.” Before starting, make sure to clear your mindset of any negativity and avoid phrases like “I cannot” or “I won’t be able to.” Instead, tell yourself you can, and eliminate creative thinking killers. Along the way, be prepared to face physical and emotional uncertainty, but don’t be discouraged, and instead always welcome these opportunities to discover new possibilities. Continue challenging thoughts, asking questions, and exploring options until you find the best answer.

Lastly, if you don’t believe in creative thinking I don’t what to tell you. Watch your cat and you will get it, or adopt a cat if you don’t have one. Perhaps you will appreciate the creativity in them. And may some of it transcend to you.

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