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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can purchase as many blood glucose test strips as you want over the counter online without any prescription.
Test strip prices may vary depending on the brand, popularity and availability. Generally the most affordable test strips are often the least known brands such as the Prodigy No Coding test strips. If this is your first time buying test strips, please take at look at Test Strip Reviews and Ratings.
There are several reasons why a test strip error may occur. What causes a test strip error could be due human or mechanical error.
Glucose test strips are an essential component of home blood glucose monitoring. To learn more about glucose test strips click here.
Unistrip1 is a leading generic test strip for use with all OneTouch glucose meters. This article “Unistrip1 Generic Test Strip – An Alternative to OneTouch Ultra” goes over the details of this question.
This article “Advantages of Nipro Test Strips” goes over the details of this questions.
TrueTest, TrueTrack, and TrueBalance test strip boxes look very similar because  they are manufactured by Nipro Diagnostics. However, they feature some differences. Check out this article “TRUEtest, TRUEtrack and TRUEbalance, What’s the difference?” goes over the details of this questions.
Because we have the lowest prices available on most glucose testing supply items. We offer free same day shipping with no minimum order requirements or any hidden fine prints. On top of our already low prices we offer 5% discount on automatic shipment orders. We also offer quantity discounts.

We also suggest you see what customers say about Diabetic Outlet.

If you’re choosing a website for the first time to buy test strips from, take a look at this article “Choosing A Website to Buy Test Strips Online.”

Yes, test strip reviews featured on our website are all genuine. Diabetic Outlet is the only website that features “Owner Verified Reviews. This means test strip reviews are verified before they are published. To learn more see “Glucose Test Strip Reviews and Ratings.”
You must always read and follow read the instructions that come in your test strip box. To get a general idea about storing your test strips click here.


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