Did you come across this article as part of your research to find out which Nipro test strip was right for you? If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to first learn about the advantages of Nipro blood glucose test strips. If you’re already familiar with those general advantages, all you need to know is the difference between Nipro TrueTest, TrueTrack, and TrueBalance tests trips. TrueTest, Track and TrueBalance test strips are made by the manufacturer Nipro Diagnostics. They share similar features and deliver clinically reliable glucose readings. However, they have a few minor differences.

On the surface, Nipro test strip boxes look alike. They are of the exact same weight and size, and their overall design is nearly similar with minimal differences. Even the titles printed on the boxes are off the same font, size, and color. This similar theme can be confusing to some patients. When placing an order online make sure to you’re getting the correct test strip box.

Color Theme Tip

Though boxes look alike each Nipro test strip box features a unique color theme. TrueTest test strips box has a red/grey theme, TrueTrack has a white/grey theme, and TrueBalance has a blue/grey theme.

TrueTest vs TrueTrack vs TrueBalance Test Strips – What’s the Difference?

First thing first! The difference between TrueTest, TrueTrack, TrueBalance glucose test strips is NOT the price! All three test strips retail at the same price, which kind of explains how minor their differences are and how close they are in terms of performance. However, their prices may slightly vary from website to website.

TrueTest, TrueTrack and TrueBalance Test Strip Prices at Diabetic Outlet

Prices can vary from store to store depending on promotions, inventory and popularity of a test strip. You may find TrueBalance test strips to be more expensive than TrueTest or TrueTrack test strips at one website, and vice versa on other websites. This is not very common but it happens. TrueTest is the most popular Nipro test strip in the U.S. thus being sold a slightly cheaper price on some websites.

The main difference between TrueTest, TrueTrack, TrueBalance comes down to their perspective meters. TrueTest, TrueTrack, TrueBalance cannot be interchanged, so if you’re going to use Nipro test strips for the first time, you need to decide on your glucose monitoring system first. TrueTest, Track and Truebalance test strips only work with their compatible meters. Make sure you will get their corresponding meters or you will get false readings.

TrueTest Test Strips – Only Compatible With TrueResult & True2Go Meters

TrueTest Strips will only work with the TrueResult and True2Go meters. TrueTest test strips has the following features

  • Covered by most private insurances and medicaid plans.
  • Use tiny blood sample size – 0.5 microliters (compared to TRUEtrack test strips)
  • Quad-Electrode Laser Accuracy
  • Patented TRUEfill technology

TrueTrack Test Strips – Only Compatible With TrueTrack Meter

TrueTrack Strips will only work with the TrueTrack meter. TrueTrack test strips has the following features

  • Covered by most private insurances and medicaid plans.
  • Tiny blood sample size – 0.1 microliters
  • Patented TRUEfill technology with a beveled tip allowing for greater sampling precision and first-test success

TrueBalance Test Strips – Only Compatible With TrueBalance Meter

TrueBalance Strips will only work with the TrueBalance meter. Truebalance test strips has the following features

  • Covered by most private insurances and medicaid plans
  • Four-electrode technology helps ensure adequate blood sample
  • Tiny blood sample size – 0.5 microliters
  • Beveled-tip design allows for precise entry of blood sample
  • Patented TRUEfill technology

As you can see, Nipro test strips are very similar; there are only minor differences between TrueTest, TrueTrack and TrueBalance test strips. Just keep in mind that you will need to choose the test strip kind that works with your glucose meter.

Still have a question? Why not ask Nipro Diagnostics? They have a dedicated 24/7  support team to help you with any questions you might have. Whether it’s a technical or insurance question they are the best source of information. You can find them here.

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.


  1. Cecilia lascelles says:

    At present I only have True balance machine but I am out of strips and here in Barbados I can only get True results and I am wondering if True results can be used in the True balance machine

  2. Edwin Madera says:

    Ran out of true balance test stips in Kissimme, Fl. Went to all pharmacies with no luck. Do I have any alternatives

  3. Lawrence Comras says:

    I think it’s shitty that you say you have a dedicated 24/7 support team when you don’t. It reflects badly on your company, and has left me with a negative impression. And when it went to voicemail, it was not even clear whether the voicemail box would even accept messages.

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