If you know (and love) someone who goes through the motion of everyday blood sugar testing, but then avoids looking at the screen, gift them the EasyMax V Bilingual Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose System. This meter would do the rest, including announcing the results in English or Spanish.

Bilingual Voice Glucose Meter

On a more cheerful note, of course, this device is a godsend for visually challenged people. A demo for the product can be found on YouTube. Apart from being a robust glucose meter, the device is also fairly easy to use, easy to carry, and lightweight. Here are a few salient features that may make it worth your while as well. All these great features are offered at an amazing value. EasyMax V meter is probably the most valued meter when it comes to accurate results and voice features.

Main Features

Bilingual, AST,  Small Sample Size…

Easy Max V meter can speak in both English and Spanish making it a suitable choice for users to choose their preferred language. It also allows for testing from sites other than fingers, the palm or forearm. An exceedingly small blood sample size does the trick: 0.6 µL. That is lesser than most of the commonly available meters in the market require for testing.

Memory Size

Here is something that we found particularly helpful: downloadable results. What this means is that you are not restricted to the memory size inside of the meter. You also get a built-in storage that will store 480 test results. That is a lot of tests. Now would be a good time to perform a simple calculation to see how many days will the memory last you, so you have some kind of an idea as to when you would start to lose data.


Let’s not forget the Easy Max meter, quite conversely, features a rather large display and easily read font.


Absolutely, no coding is required. Easy testing is the key with Easy Max V.


Perhaps this too could explain the “MAX” epithet – large and easily handled Easy Max test strips.


The results are delivered fast. You would have your reading in less than five seconds.

Final words

You only need a couple of the AAA cells to get your device going. For those technologically inclined, this device employs electrochemical biosensor technology. Along with the EasyMax V Blood Glucose Monitoring Meter, you would also get a carrying case, a manual, a quick start guide (thankfully) and a self-test logbook.

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