The Embrace test strips are for use with the Embrace glucose meter to quantitatively measure the blood glucose using fresh capillary whole blood taken from fingertips, palm, or forearm. Ensuring accurate results with Embrace test strips is the key to have precise results when using the Embrace glucose monitoring system.


With Embrace there is very little you have to do to ensure accurate results. According to the Embrace User Manual, the Embrace test strips are glucose specific, biosensor-based test strips that requires very little blood sample to quickly test glucose in fresh capillary whole blood. The test results are plasma-calibrated for an easy comparison to lab results, but may be 10 to 15% higher then results obtained from whole blood referenced blood glucose analysis. The test strip is also equipped with under-fill detection to alert you when there is not enough blood to perform a test, so you can be assured that each reading you get is an accurate and meaningful result.


  • Immediately close the vial cap of the test strip bottle tightly after each use. Keep the unused test strips in the original bottle. DO NOT leave any test strips outside the bottle while not in use.
  • DO NOT reuse test strips. Test strips are for single use only.
  • Carefully discard used test strips and lancets in proper waste containers.

No Coding Required

Embrace test strips require no coding, which means one less step. Omnis Health Embrace blood glucose test strips work with Embrace No Coding meter which means fewer steps for you while testing your glucose levels.

Ensuring accurate results with Embrace test strips through Control Testing

You may use the Embrace Control Solution to check that your meter and test strips are working correctly. It is important that you carry out this simple check regularly. For precise instructions please check the Embrace manual provided in the test strips box. Embrace control solution(s) can be used to ensure accurate results with Embrace test strips and to verify that your meter and strips are working correctly.

Blood glucose testing guidelines

To obtain accurate results with Embrace test strips, the Embrace User Manual recommends the guidelines below when testing your blood glucose levels.

  • Set up your meter properly and run a control test.
  • Wash your hands and testing site thoroughly with soap and warm water, and dry well.
  • You are testing in an area between the temperature ranges of 50ºF~104ºF. Your Embrace glucose meter will not test outside of this range and will display . If the voice feature is on the meter will say “temperature out of range”. Move the meter into an area that is between 50ºF~104ºF, and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before testing again.
  • Use a new sterile lancet every time you test to avoid cross contamination. If alcohol wipes are used to cleanse the fingers, make sure the area is dry before the blood sample is obtained. It’s recommended to wash with soap & warm water. Alcohol and Hand Sanitizer may alter the blood test.
  • Check the expiration date printed on the test strip bottle and its package. To ensure accurate results with Embrace test strips, do not use expired strips.
  • Use each Embrace test strip immediately after removing it from the bottle.
  • Do not use wet or damaged test strips.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight and heat. Store the test strip bottle in a dry, cool place.
  • Record the “date opened” on the bottle label. Discard the bottle and any remaining test strip after 3 months from date of opening.

Embrace glucose testing supplies

Embrace glucose testing supplies are made by Omnis Health – one of the leading manufacturers of diabetic products. Here is a list of all the available Embrace glucose testing supplies.

How to save money on your Embrace testing supplies

To save on your Embrace test strips and related accessories, take advantage of the following bundles:

User Manual

* Content and information on this page is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.


  1. Harriette Butler says:

    If the test strip states lo is 90-122 and high is 188-254 and your reading says 145 what does mean sincere laboratory blood glucose is 70-112. Are you in control or not. My accucheck meter was much better as far being closer to loan values. This is very important as I am on sliding scale insulin and Lantus at night

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