Prep Your Skin for Glucose Testing on-the-go with PandaPod Wipes


Do you avoid certain activities or events because of the hassle of checking your glucose levels? An emergency can happen extremely quickly if your blood sugar levels are out of the normal range. For some people, it can seem daunting to leave the house with a pack full of diabetic supplies. However, a new tissue for glucose testing called PandaPod will make travel more accessible.

Testing Your Glucose Levels

When you were diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor discussed testing with you. Some people have to test multiple times a day, especially if their diagnosis is new. Receiving accurate tests from your meter is critical to avoid a trip to the hospital. This means you have to be able to test when needed, no matter where you are.

One of the essential steps to testing is ensuring that your fingertips are clean. It’s easy to get an inaccurate test result from dirty fingers. Food and beverage residue left on your skin can make your blood sugar levels appear higher than they actually are. It’s also necessary to prevent infection by ensuring your fingertips are clean before using the lancet.

Studies have shown that soap and water are more effective than other sanitizing methods. However, clean water and soap are not always available or easy to pack. For example, you may be excited about a week-long camping trip or planning a day at the beach. Are you prepared to bring your soap and diabetic supplies to the water pump every few hours?

Why the PandaPod is the Best Choice

  • Convenient

The PandaPod is an eco-friendly option for anybody who needs to check their glucose levels on the go. This small, 2oz pod fits in the pocket of your meter, making it simple to carry around. Inside the pod can contain up to 80 dry charcoal bamboo tissues. It has a soft, magnetic close, ensuring you can open it without injuring your fingers.

  • Skin Friendly

Using the PandaPod is more manageable than opting for alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer. Unfortunately, repeated use of alcohol pads can result in irritable, dry skin, making testing painful. Testing strips can also become useless if exposed to moisture, so dry prep pads for diabetes will eliminate accidental damage.

  • Environmentally Friendly

PandaPod tissues are an environmentally friendly option for diabetic testing. Bamboo is a carbon-neutral renewable resource. These plants produce up to 20 times more fiber than trees do. They also release more oxygen into the atmosphere while removing carbon. In addition, because these wipes aren’t wet, they have a longer shelf life than other options that could dry out.

How to Use the PandaPod

The PandaPod is incredibly easy to use. Just open the top to reveal the first tissue. Then, massage your finger with the tissue to sanitize and encourage blood flow. Next, test your finger as you usually would and blot any remaining blood with the tissue. Finally, you can dispose of the used tissue and test strip at the bottom of the pod. Don’t forget to track your levels in a logbook or phone!

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

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