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Take Control of Your Glucose Monitoring Like Never Before

There is no debate; diabetes is no fun for anyone. Whether it be the constant concern of the state of your glucose levels, the hassle of finding a private place to test, or the painful finger pricks required to determine your glucose number, sometimes it can feel as if diabetes is in the driver seat. Well, worry no more because the Freestyle Libre has the solution for you.

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Say Goodbye to Finger Pricks

You heard that right.

Say hi to the FreeStyle Libre Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems. The Libre empowers you to obtain regular, discrete blood glucose readings without the constant hassle of carrying and disposing of lancets and test strips.

The Libre has two simple components: (1) wearable sensor and (2) wireless reader. The sensor placed on the body will send continuous readings to the reader when connected and can display real time measurements with a simple swipe.

Take back your freedom with one of FreeStyle’s two available CGM Systems.

Gone are the days of finger pricks and test strips!

With the Libre reader and sensors, accessing your glucose number is as easy as a swipe of the reader. It is time to take back control of your life and your blood glucose levels, and the Libre Glucose Monitoring System is here to make it that much easier for you.

What the Freestyle Libre offers You

The FreeStyle Libre Glucose monitor comes in two different varieties, the original Libre 14-Day System and the Libre 2 System. The system is composed of a discreet and painless wearable 14 day sensor which takes glucose readings every minute as well as a simple to navigate reader device that gives access to the sensors information.

The sensor adheres to the back of your upper arm and is no larger than two stacked quarters. By holding the reader close to the sensor you will receive the most up to date data regarding your glucose levels. The reader analyzes the data and offers you not only your current glucose level but information regarding trends in your glucose over time.


Key Benefits

With the FreeStyle Libre CGM System you set your limits – not your glucose levels. Whether you go swimming, exercising or traveling the libre sensor is continuously checking your glucose levels while the reader is storing the readings.

With Libre you can:

  • continuously monitor your glucose levels 24/7
  • stay aware and in control of your glucose levels
  • get 1,440 readings per day: a wealth of information
  • enjoy an active lifestyle, be on the go
  • get an instant readings from the Reader or a paired smartphone app
  • receive Audible high & low glucose alarms
  • set your desired highs and lows
  • keep your glucose monitoring discrete
  • stop the hassle of dealing with strips and lancets
  • access a well of information in the app to analyze
  • check your glucose level in a traditional blood glucose monitor with Freestyle Precision Neo Test Strips

Difference between Libre 14 Day and Libre 2

libre vs libre 2Though both are very similar, the Freestyle libre and libre2 have some differences. The Libre 2 offers some capabilities not available on the Libre 14-Day System. Most importantly, the Libre 2 has the ability to set continuous glucose monitoring alarms. When the Libre 2 Sensor is synced with the Libre 2 Reader, or a compatible smartphone with the Libre 2 app, programmable alarms alert the user of low glucose, high glucose, or signal loss. The original Libre does not support glucose alarms. To compare the Libre with other available system visit here.

Libre System Components

Both the 14-Day and 2 systems come with the same components. Each system requires both its respective Libre Reader and 14 day sensor, all available at Diabetic Outlet at great prices with free shipping and quantity discounts and cuo

Each individual component may viewed directly through the following links as well:

Libre Reader Device:

Libre 14 day Sensors:

Bundle the Sensors with the Reader and save!

Final Words

Could you imagine a world where you could access your blood glucose levels in under a second at any given time without even needing to draw any blood? If you are one of the millions who have diabetes and are tired of feeling limited by the perpetual need to test, you are not alone. Fear no more, the Freestyle Libre has the solution for you.

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