• Wine Tied to Healthier Arteries for Some Diabetics
    Some diabetic patients with plaque buildup in their arteries might have less debris in these blood vessels after adding wine to their diets, a recent study suggests. For the study, researchers examined data on 224 people with type 2 diabetes who normally didn’t drink alcohol, but were randomly assigned to follow a Mediterranean diet and drink approximately one glass of red wine, white wine or water for daily. Among the subset of 174 people with ultrasound images of their arteries, 45 percent had detectable plaque at the start of the study. Read the full story here: Reuters
  • Start-up Company Is Combining Food and Technology to Try and Prevent Diabetes
    PlateJoy, a personalized meal-planning company, is introducing an offering called PlateJoy Health: Diabetes Prevention. The company’s current platform gives people recipes based on their lifestyle and nutrition goals. This new system will combine the traditional service with additional tools like weight tracking and virtual coaching to treat people with prediabetes in an attempt to prevent them from developing Type 2 diabetes. Read the full story here: CNBC
  • Novo’s Pioneering Diabetes Pill Impresses in First Big Study
    The world’s largest diabetes drugmaker, Novo Nordisk, on Thursday presented the first successful data from a large final-stage study of a pill it hopes will transform the diabetes market. Read the full story here: Reuters
  • Inhalable Insulin Providing Needle-Free Option To Some Diabetes Patients
    For most people with diabetes, managing it revolves around needles, especially those who have to take insulin. But some diabetic patients are now keeping their sugar in check with a nearly needle-free option. Read the full story here: CBS PITTSBURGH
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