extend your selection sites with Flextend

Extend Your Selection Sites with a Flex

Do you have to inject frequently as part of your diabetes management? Well, if you’re anyone like Brave Chloe or Jasmine who use TickleFlex to minimize the the pain and bruising associated with daily injections continue reading because I am going to introduce you to another innovative product that can help you even further.

Available now at Diabetic Outlet FlexTend is a simple revolutionary pen holder that works in conjunction with TickleFlex to enable you extend your injection sites.

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The Issue, Lipohypertrophy

The issue is pretty simple and well known among those who regularly perform injections. When you use an injection site over and over it eventually causes what’s known as liphypertrophy. Liphypertrophy is simply those waxy lumps that develop under the skin that are not very attractive. Furthermore, they interfere with the proper absorption of insulin. Click here to learn more about what liphypertrophy is?

FlexTend Lipom

How to treat lipohypertrophy?

According to WebMed the treatments for lipohypertrophy include:

  • Stopping injecting the affected area until it heals
  • Using a new needle for every injection
  • Rotating the injection site
  • Changing your treatment to short-acting insulin

The solution

The most common way to heal those lumps of fat or scar tissue that form under the skin is to use new injections sites. However many of those best alternative sites for self-injection are not easily reachable. Why they are unreachable you may ask? Well, that’s because its almost impossible to hold the pen perpendicular to your body and operate the delivery button with your thumb. This is exactly where the magic of FLEXtend comes through.

flextend extends your sites

How do you hold the pen at 90° to your body?

Flextend’s revolutionary design allows you to hold your pen at 90° to your injection site while operating the delivery button with your thump. So, reaching those previsouly inaccessible areas for injection is now a thing of the past.

Here is how the magic of FLEX works. TickleFLEX stabilizes the pen and prevents the needle from penetrating too deep. The FLEXtend changes your grip from thump up to down so it becomes easy to reach all those new sites.

(1) $12.99

By holding FLEXtend rather than the pen it reverses your grip so your thumb is now at the needle end. Pressing FLEXtend towards your skin causes the pen to slide inwards and depress the insulin delivery button against the blocked end of the tube. So simple but so effective.

The Benefit

The only effective treatment for lipohypertrophy is to rest the affected area and allow it to heal. FLEXtend can double the body area that can be used for injecting. This gives extra space to rotate your sites.



How to Use FLEXtend

FLEXtend Step1

STEP1. Attach TickleFLEX to your pen Slide it into FLEXtend and steady it with your thumb through the lip notch.

FLEXtend Step2

STEP2. Attach TickleFLEX to your pen Slide it into FLEXtend and steady it with your thumb through the lip notch.


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