We are excited to announce the addition of the full line of Advocate  pet glucose testing supplies to our store. The Advocate PetTest glucose testing supplies are specifically designed to help you manage your pet’s diabetes at home. You can now enjoy the low prices, free shipping, and quantity discounts for a full line of Advocate PetTest supplies at Diabetic Outlet.

Advocate PetTest Blood Glucose Monitoring System

Advocate PetTest is a system designed to aid in the treatment of Pet Diabetes.


  • No Coding Required
  • Accurate & Precise Results
  • Smallest Sample Size Needed (0.3mcL)
  • Positive Visual Confirmation of Species Tested
  • Extremely Easy to Use
  • 400 Test Species-Specific Results Memory
  • One-Button Switch Between Dogs & Cats
  • 7, 14, and 28 Day Averages
  • Test Results in Five (5) Seconds
  • Free Downloadable Data Management system (Coming soon)


Advocate PetTest Blood Glucose Test Strips

The ADVOCATE PetTest Blood Glucose Test Strips are used for the accurate monitoring of blood glucose testing.


  • No Coding Required
  • Small Sample Size
  • Alternate Site testing Approved
  • Accurate & Easy to Handle
  • Available in 50 count Vials
  • Smallest Sample Size Needed (0.3 mcL)
  • Use Only for Dogs and Cats


(6) $39.95

Advocate PetTest Twist-Top Lancets

ADVOCATE offers a complete range of quality lancets to ensure that accurate blood samples can be obtained with any type of coat, quickly, easily and consistently.


  • Fine Gauge Tri-bevel Tip for Better Comfort
  • Compatible with Most Lancing Devices
  • 21G for Better Sampling on Dogs and Cats
  • Use with Virtually ANY Lancing Device


(3) $6.99 or subscribe and save 5%

Advocate PetTest Lancing Device

This product is used to acquire a capillary blood sample to monitor blood glucose levels. The device is adjustable which allows you to select the appropriate depth penetration for maximum comfort.


  • Easy, Safe Operation
  • Compatible with all Advocate PetTest lancets
  • One-hand Lancet Ejection
  • Adjustable Depth Selection – 5 depth setting


Advocate PetTest Safety Lancets

Advocate PetTest safety Lancets offer a safe lancing experience and they are easy to use.


  • Single Use, Self Contained Lancing Solution
  • Ready to Use
  • Excellent for Difficult Sampling Situations
  • Needle Automatically Retracts
  • 21G for All Dogs and Cats
  • Pressure Activated


(2) $18.99 or subscribe and save 5%

Advocate PetTest Control Solution

Use to ensure the ADVOCATE PetTest Meter and Test Strips are working together properly, the ADVOCATE Control Solution is used to test the glucose meter without using a blood sample.


– 4 mL container


(1) $12.99
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