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Glucose tablets, glucose gels, and glucose shots as well as certain beverages, fruits and sweets are often recommend for quick consumption of 15 grams of carbohydrate (carb) in respond to Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Glucose). Eating or drinking something from the list above equal to 15 grams of carb is a great way to raise your blood sugar quickly.

Add Glucose SOS to the top of the list and always keep one with you for these reasons. It’s faster and more effective than glucose tablets, candy, sugary drinks, etc. and comes in a convenient, discreet, waterproof pouch that fits anywhere.

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What is Glucose SOS?

Glucose SOS™ is pure, fast-absorbing powdered glucose you can add to any drink to increase blood sugar levels and prevent sugar spikes! It provides 15 grams of 100% pure, natural glucose in an instant dissolving, great tasting powder. Glucose SOS absorbs instantly, requires no chewing, and acts quickly.


  • Easy to transport slimpack, convenient to use, no water or prep needed, Glucose SOS dissolves instantly with no need for water or preparation and comes in easily transportable slimpacks.
  • Delicious taste, sweet and tangy, made with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or additives, all natural so you know it’s healthy and safe, and delicious so it’s easy to take.
  • Optimizes creatine absorption, excellent energy source, helps build lean muscle in addition to providing an instant boost of energy, Glucose SOS helps the body absorb creatine to build muscle.
  • Supports weight management goals, boosts cognition to help you reach your exercise goals, Glucose SOS can help you maintain a healthy weight and provide you with both the physical and mental energy needed to get through those tough workouts.


Glucose SOS offers a selection of flavors to satisfy all taste buds.

  • Original Sweet and Tangy
  • Green Apple Crisp
  • Kiwi-Straw​berry
  • Fruit Medley

How does Glucose SOS work?

  • No prep or water needed
  • Tear open packet
  • Tap power in mouth in small amounts.
  • Repeat until contents of packets are empty.

Glucose absorption begins immediately for rapid blood sugar recovery. Glucose SOS makes consumption of sugar on a full stomach easy, prevents nausea, and offers a selection of flavors to satisfy all taste buds.

About the inventor

Glucose SOS was developed by Pamela Heyward in response to the hypoglycemic horror she faced while raising two young daughters diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

“As a mom who has raised two young daughters with diabetes, I’ve personally witnessed the incessant battle of my children to survive 24/7, 365 days a year, year after year. I was often awakened in the middle of the night to find one, or both of my children, suffering from severe hypoglycemia, and the fear of finding them dead in bed still haunts me. It was terrifying to see their eyes roll back in their heads, while in a violent combative or unconscious state, and knowing the if not treated quickly enough, the result could mean death.” Read Pamela’s story […].

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