Healthy Glucose Levels One Chew Away with GlucoPro Max Dietary Supplement

Stabilizing your blood sugar can often seem like a constant battle. All of the drugs and recommendations that have been included in your treatment plan are supposed to help you reach and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Yet, sometimes it may feel like you struggle with reaching that goal no matter how closely you follow the plan. This may be a thing of the past for you, that is, if you try GlucoPro Max from Health Thru Nutrition. We are excited to share that the GlucoProMax dietary supplement tablets are now available in our store!

What is GlucoPro Max?

GlucoPro Max is a proprietary blend of natural nutrients designed to help support healthy glucose metabolism. This supplement is proudly made in the USA and is cGMP Certified by the NSF. So, supporting healthy blood glucose levels should be as simple as taking one GlucoPro Max tablet per day. HTN’s GlucoPro Max formula has been studied and is third-party tested by Eurofins. Each tablet is easy to swallow, vegan, free of soy, and gluten-free. Part of the reason this supplement is so healthy is that it was created by Health Thru Nutrition. The company makes each product align with its philosophy to empower people to live healthier and more informed lives. Hence, each of their products is clinically validated, contains high-quality ingredients, and helps maintain healthy bodies.

GlucoPro Max Ingredients

Unlike other diabetic dietary supplements on the market, GlucoPro Max tablets are not loaded with a bunch of filler or unnecessary ingredients. In fact, the ingredient list for this supplement is surprisingly small, yet still potent in effects. Let’s take a look at the main ingredients:


Each tablet contains 333.33mg of cinnamon. This aromatic spice has long been used in Ayurveda and has been shown to successfully increase insulin sensitivity. Yet, it also offers powerful antioxidant support and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.


Berberine has been used for thousands of years in both Ayurvedic and Chinese medical practices. And it continues to show its worth in the modern world. Studies have shown that this chemical stimulates AMPK activity, which is the enzyme that controls energy utilization and production. Hence, it aids in the process of converting glucose to energy.


GlucoPro Max tablets contain 1.34mg of Riboflavin each. This water-soluble B vitamin is necessary for many metabolic processes, making it an absolutely necessary vitamin for healthy cell function. Riboflavin’s significant role is converting nutrients, such as fats and carbs, into energy. In other words, it maintains your energy supply.

CROMINEX 3+ (Chromium)

Chromium is a trace element that’s necessary for normal carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. GlucoPro Max adds it into their tablets as CROMIEX 3+, which is a patented and clinically studied blend that combines chromium, PrimaVie purified Shilajit extract, and Capros Amla extracts for increased effectiveness and bioavailability.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, if you’re seeking out a natural way to maintain healthy glucose levels, give Health Thru Nutrition’s GlucoPro Max tablets a try. They just may be what you’ve been looking for, and at the very least, you can rest assured you’re adding high-quality nutrients to your body.
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