brave chloe uses tickleflex

Chloe is a brave 6 year old girl with Type1 diabetes from the UK who depends on insulin. Her routine injections used to hurt really badly. However, lately Chloe and her mom discovered a more comfortable way to perform injections.

She now takes her insulin with just a tickle using a new device called TickleFLEX. It’s a universal fit insulin injection aid that makes her injections less painful.

In the following video brave Chloe will demonstrate just how easily and painlessly she takes her insulin with just a tickle.


TickleFLEX is a simple yet revolutionary injection aid that addresses the challenges many insulin dependent patients face everyday by. It relieves the pain of injection by gently squeezing the sub-dermal tissue using its unique silicone tentacles. It allows you you to pinpoint the injection site by preventing needle from slipping therefore minimizing the risk of needle stick injuries.

How Does TickleFLEX Work?

After watching Jasmine’s video the injection with TickleFLEX all of sudden seems smooth and seamless. Simply slide it over the needle and continue using your pen as normal except the process will be smoother and worry free.

tickleflex helps avoid pain

Avoid Pain

Soft spiky fingers stimulate and saturate the local nerves so you don’t feel the needle. It’s called distraction analgesia, like rubbing an ache or scratching an itch.

tickleflex helps avoid bruising

Banish Bruising
Fingers pile up subcutaneous tissue under the needle and then spread out to control the needle depth and hold the pen steady. Bruising is virtually eliminated.

tickelflex helps reduce anxiety

Soothes Anxiety
You don’t see the needle; it doesn’t hurt and TickleFLEX looks and feels friendly. Self injecting becomes safer and more consistent, a no stress routine

Is TickleFLEX Right For You?

There are several reason why anyone specially children who must perform regular injections must use TickleFLEX. Brave Chloe uses it because it relives her pain. Jasmine has significantly less bruises since she started using TickleFlex. You should use TickleFLEX if:

Also Use It to Reach More Sites

Overuse of injection sites causes Lipohypertrophy, which causes the issue under your skin to develope waxy lumps. A great way to leave these areas to rest is to use other parts of your body.

Many parts of the body that are often suitable for injections are not easily reachable because it’s almost impossible to hold the pen perpendicular to your body and push the delivery button with your thumb. This can be easily reversed with FLEXtend.

FLEXtend is a pen holder that works in conjunction with TickleFLEX to enable you to inject in other parts of the body that were previously deemed inaccessible.

When you self inject you use your thumb to depress the ejection button, which in turn makes some parts of the body inaccessible. FLEXtend enables you to inject into those previously inaccessible parts of the body by reversing  your grip so your thumb is now at the needle end.

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