How to Discreetly and Conveniently Carry Your Glucose Tablets


Have you ever had to carry around big bulky glucose tablet bottles in your pocket when you’re out and about? Well, cheer up because PocketPod, a user-friendly, small and lightweight glucose tab case, has created a solution that makes bringing along a few glucose tablets very convenient.

We all know all about the glucose tablets and their vital role in maintaining healthy glucose levels when you’re on the go, but we also know how inconvenient it is to carry them around in our pockets. Luckily there is a solution to tackle this challenge!

Why are glucose tablets important?

Glucose is essential in the body for its use as an energy source. However, those with diabetes are at an increased risk of low glucose levels, or hypoglycemia, which can cause serious complications including but not limited nausea, sweating, dizziness, headache, fatigue, confusion, and shakiness.

Hypoglycemia requires quick action, which is why glucose tablets are so important. They are a type of chewable sugar that can help raise blood sugar quickly. Because of their importance in managing diabetes, it’s recommended to keep glucose tablets on hand at all times, especially when traveling, working, exercising or any outdoor activities.

The Problem with Glucose Tablets

While glucose tablets are important to have with you at all times, a problem arises in the way in which glucose tablets are sold. Typically, they are sold in large bottles, which are unfavorable for traveling with. This is especially true when exercising, since carrying glucose tablets in their bulky container creates an additional hassle.

As we all know, when something isn’t convenient to travel with, it’s too easy to leave it at home. To ensure those who need to keep glucose tablets with them at all times PocketPod has created a solution that makes this convenient and easy to achieve.

What Are PocketPods?

PocketPods are a user-friendly glucose tablet case that can be carried discreetly in almost any clothing, making it easier than ever to always have a glucose tablet on hand.

Have you ever had to forego a bag, only to wonder how to carry your glucose tablets? This is no longer a problem with the PocketPod since you can slip it into your pocket, no problem.

Comfortable Design

The design of this glucose tab case places your comfort as a priority. Their curvilinear designs leave no sharp edges that can dig into your skin, making them comfortable no matter where you place them and what you do.

Easy to Open

The PocketPod utilizes power N52 magnets, which snap shut with the self-aligning interface and make opening and closing the glucose tablet case fast and easy. The wavy seal of the PocketPod also makes it easy to grip and open the case, even with its small size.

Small Size

The PocketPod round is only 2 1/2×2 1/2×1/2 inches and square is 3x2x1/2 inches, creating a very small unit to carry your glucose tablets. It comes in two types that hold different glucose tablet shapes, round and square. The round glucose tablet case holds three tablets, while the square tablet case holds four.


The PocketPod only weighs less than 2 oz, so you can put it in your pocket and don’t even feel it’s there! When the alternative is carrying around a big bottle of glucose tablets, it’s clear that the lightweight PocketPod solution is preferable. When needed snap open the case and take a tab to raise your sugar quickly.

Carry Your Glucose Tablets with PocketPod

If you’re looking for an easier way to carry your glucose tablets, look no further than the PocketPod. With its small and discreet size that is also comfortable enough to keep in your pocket, you never again have to worry about being without glucose tablets. Step aside bulky packaging; PocketPod is here to take over.

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