How To Extend Your Injection Sites with Just A FLEX

Flextend Extend Your Injection Sites with Just A FLEX

While our bodies can move in many ways, our range of motion only goes so far, and some positions are impossible to achieve. For those with diabetes, this becomes an issue when injecting insulin.

With insulin pens, there are only so many places that can be reached while still holding the pen in a way that allows you to press the insulin ejection button. However, FlexTend offers a way to extend injection sites, providing a way to reach locations that were previously unreachable.

Let’s take a step back

In my previous blog, I talked about TickleFlex, a unique pen accessory designed to reduce the pain, anxiety and bruising associated with pen injections. In this post, I am going to discuss using your TickleFlex in combination with another innovative product called, FlexTend, to extend your injection sites.

Let’s dive right in.

Why Extending Beyond the Same Injection Sites?

When you frequently use the same spots of your body for the injection, you continually cause damage to the same area. The body responds to this with lipohypertrophy, which is a lump of fatty tissue that forms under the skin.

Not only can these areas mar the appearance of your skin, but they also cause a delay in your body’s absorption of medication, making it more difficult to control your blood sugar

However, FlexTend provides a way to double the number of injection sites in your body, which gives your skin time to heal.

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How Does FlexTend Help You Extend Your Injection Site?

Insulin pens are typically held with the thumb on the ejection button. However, this places the thumb furthest from the body, limiting how many places you can reach. Specifically, this makes it so that it is only possible to comfortably reach areas on the front side of your body, not the back.

With FlexTend, the position of your hand switches. Instead of your palm being between your thumb and your body, it is now on the outside of the pen, with your thumb facing toward your body. This positioning allows you to extend your selection sites to the back of the body.

Then, to eject insulin, you only have to press FlexTend toward your skin, which causes the blocked end of the tube to press against the insulin ejector button. Not only is the position of your hand more convenient with FlexTend, but it is also easier to eject the insulin.

The Benefits of Extending Your Selection Site

When you have limited places you can reach, you tend to overuse the ones that are accessible, which can cause lumps of fatty tissue.

However, since FlexTend doubles the number of injection sites, you are able to rotate between all the possible locations. This gives each spot time to heal before it is injected into again, which then prevents lipohypertrophy from occurring.

TickleFlex + FlexTend

FlexTend is designed for use with TickleFlex, a simple accessory that helps stabilize the insulin pen, therefore keeping the pen needle from going in too deep during injection. This prevents needle stick injuries and makes the process of injecting insulin less painful.

Another challenge with the pen needle going too deep is that it results in a faster absorption of the insulin. This can then negatively affect your blood sugar levels since the insulin might not last as long in the body.

With the combination of FlexTend and TickleFlex, you can extend your injection sites, give your body time to heal, and stabilize the needle for safer and less painful injections.

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(1) $12.99
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