How to Remove Calluses and Thick Toenails to Avoid Diabetic Toe & Foot Issues

Remove Calluses and Thick Toenails to Avoid Diabetic Toe & Foot Issues

For a person with diabetes, calluses and thick toenails are more than uncomfortable and unsightly. They represent a serious risk of injury in the form of diabetic foot ulcers. The skin on our feet serves as a line of defense against injury and infection. It is naturally toughened for that reason. However, when a person has diabetes, the blood flow to their legs and feet is decreased. This causes extra thickening of the skin and toenails. In this case, the additional pressure from calluses and thick toenails can cause injury to the skin and an access point for bacteria. Enter: the diabetic foot ulcer.

  • Calluses

Calluses are what we call areas of skin that have been rubbed and chaffed to the point of hardening. Their presence can lead to skin injury and is an indicator of ill-fitting shoes.

  • Thick toenails

Thick toenails are the result of reduced blood flow in the feet. They can cause ingrown toenails which are an access point for bacteria.

Because diabetes can also cause nerve damage and reduced sensation in the feet, it is important to inspect your feet daily and perform foot care regularly to avoid complications like diabetic foot ulcers.

Oni (2020) quotes Rice and Margolis as saying,

“It is estimated that as much as 25% of patients with diabetes will develop at least 1 foot ulcer in their lifetime.” ¹

Those statistics are shocking -1 in 4 patients! Anyone with diabetes must prioritize self-care of their feet to prevent the formation of foot ulcers.

But going out for a pedicure and manicure once or twice a week is not feasible. Limitations like transportation, cost, and a busy schedule often prevent our good intentions for self-care. That is why we are offering this easy-to-use nail care tool for your foot and toe health.


What Is It?

The Medicool Diabetic Foot & Nail Care Plus Set for Pedicure & Manicure is a battery-powered nail care system to reduce calluses and thick toenails.

It features the following:

  • Long-lasting diamond filing attachments
  • 6 Tools
  • Travel case
  • Battery-powered motor

This tool is perfect for you if you are looking for a quick, easy-to-use foot care product to help reduce calluses and thick toenails at home.

How to Use It

Start by creating your nail care station. Find a stool or comfortable place to sit. You may want to prop your feet up or be able to comfortably bend over to address your feet. When caring for your fingernails, working on a countertop is ideal.

  • Wash your hands and feet to reduce the presence of bacteria.
  • Lay down a cloth for easy clean-up of nail and callus shavings.
  • Ensure your nail care tool has batteries installed.
  • Shave down areas of thickened toenails and calluses as desired, taking care not to shave too closely to the skin.

Protect Your Feet

Don’t assume that regular office visits to the podiatrist are enough to protect your feet from diabetic foot ulcers. Regular self-care of the feet is just as important as maintaining tight glycemic control. Check Diabetes & Toe Problems: 3 Products to Help Keep Them Healthy

Take control of your health and order today!

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