Giving your pet insulin injections can be a daunting task, especially when they know a painful shot is coming. The Owen Mumford Petfine Auto Injector™ offers a quick and easy injection solution, designed to provide maximum comfort for pets and peace of mind for owners.

The product comes packed with 1 Petfine Auto Injector, 2 depth adjusters which control the length of the needle, a yellow primer/depth guide to ensure the auto injector is working properly, a wallet for storage, and lastly written instructions. This autoinjector for pets is ideal for delivering easy and painless injections for your beloved animals at home.

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The Petfine Auto Injector™ Fits Most Fixed Needle Syringes

Owen Mumford Petfine Auto Injector™ is made for the use of fixed syringes and the delivery of approved drugs. The automatic syringe injection aid fits most 1.0ml, 0.5ml and 0.3ml syringes. 1.0ml is a larger needle and therefore made for larger animals while the 0.3ml is a smaller needle fit for smaller animals. The breed, size, and age of your pet will determine the size of the needle and amount of insulin needed to be delivered. Please consult your veterinarian before choosing your fixed needle syringe.

Convenient One-Handed Operation

Insulin injections can be an anxiety driver for pets. The Petfine Auto Injectors™ convenient one-handed operation helps you steady your pet with one hand while injecting in the other. The width and size of the autoinjector makes it easy to hold and maneuver compared to traditional syringes that may slip out of your hand if your pet moves. This feature makes insulin injections easy and low-pressure with its ergonomic capability for high-stressed animals. All you have to do is let the autoinjector do the work.

Visible Indicator

The visible indicator is key in keeping a close eye on the dosage of insulin. This indicator is there to show you how much insulin is about to be delivered, and will slowly decrease as you inject the insulin into your pet, ensuring delivery. Instead of squinting to see how much insulin you have drawn with a traditional syringe, you will now be able to see the dosage much easier in bold numbers with the Petfine Auto Injector™.

Using traditional syringes for insulin or drug delivery can sometimes be hard to see and administer. Having control depth built into the Petfine Auto Injector™ helps with painless injections so the needle won’t penetrate any further than it needs to. Therefore, you can make sure your pet is consistently getting the correct dosage.

The Owen Mumford Petfine Auto Injector™ is a great alternative for a pet owner who has a restless pet that makes it difficult to administer insulin shots too. Its convenient one-handed operation and ergonomic ability can be used by owners of all ages because of its easy-to-use features. If you’re ready to bury the burden of giving your pet insulin shots, click here to make the switch.

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  1. pete says:

    what brand of u40 1cc (1ml) 29g 1/2″ (12.7mm) brand of needs will work with this
    as compatible brands they listed… dont make u40

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