Is it possible that scientists have found a breakthrough method for treating diabetes? A new method that could free millions of Americans from the misery of insulin shots? Is it possible that scientists may have misdiagnosed a notable number of diabetic patients?

The new award-winning documentary Journey To A Miracle: Freedom From Insulin tells a story about a newly discovered form of diabetes called Monogenic Diabetes. Monogenic, as the name suggests, is a generic form of diabetes different than either Type1 or Type2 that affects nearly half a million Americans – most of whom have been misdiagnosed. Ironically, the best treatment for Monogenic Diabetes, is an inexpensive pill, not insulin.

This breathtaking film weaves together life-changing stories of brilliant scientists with grateful families who persevered, hoped, and prayed for a diabetes cure, but never in their wildest dreams imagined it would come in the form of a simple pill.

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