• Hyperbaric Wound Treatment, Often for Treating Diabetes, Is booming. Is That A Good Thing?
    The American Diabetes Association does not recommend the treatment. After an ADA committee of experts in diabetes care reviewed the available research last year, it concluded there was “not enough supporting data on the efficacy of this treatment to recommend its use,” said William Cefalu, the association’s chief medical officer. Read the full story here: Washington Post
  • Biotech Startups’ Cell-Based Diabetes Attack: Creating cells that help the body beat the condition could free patients from insulin therapy
    In the fight against Type 1 diabetes, drugmakers are pursuing a new line of attack: creating cells that help the body beat the condition. Read the full story here: The Wall Street Journal
  • Religion Shapes Glucose Control in Marriages With Diabetes
    Religious beliefs can affect how diabetic patients and their spouses cope with the stress of diabetes, with positive attitudes resulting in good lifestyle habits that result in greater success with glycemic control for the diabetic spouse, new US research indicates. In a study published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy it was found that both partners’ use of religion to cope with type 2 diabetes–related stress significantly predicted their involvement in shared glycemic control behaviors. Read the full story here: Medscape
  • The Lifestyle Changes That Can Cut Type 2 Diabetes Risk
    La-Vern is a busy, single mother who does two jobs and, as a result, is exhausted and stressed.
    She has not yet crossed our diagnostic threshold where we would say she has type 2 diabetes, but her blood sugar and fasting insulin levels are not “normal” either. Her results suggested that she was on the road towards type 2 diabetes.
    The four areas of treatment I focused on with La-Vern are the same four areas I look at with almost all of my patients: food, movement, stress and sleep. Problems in these areas can all contribute to the development of insulin resistance.. Read full story here: BBC News.
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