It is never too early to start pushing back against diabetic symptoms, particularly if you experience even mild swelling in your foot or leg. In fact, the Medicool DiaSox Diabetes Socks are perfect therapeutic solutions for healthy individuals just as well. Basically, diabetic individuals can be more prone to infections and injuries, and a little bit of preventive care, for example, using diabetic socks, go a long way in improving the prognosis of the disease. Owing to an already jeopardized circulatory, immune and nervous systems in affected individuals, diabetic socks help decrease the chances of injury to the foot, and helping maintain or even improve blood flow, by keeping the feet dry at all times.

The Medicool DiaSox Diabetes Socks are the perfect solution for a number of reasons.

Flat Stitch Toe & Seam Free

Being seam free ensures that the socks do not rub against the skin, reducing the chances of blisters or ulcers. Reduced circulation, subsequently, also prevents quick healing. These socks also feature inverse linking owing to the seamless design, keeping the toe linking thread outside.

High-Quality Materials: 88% Breathable Cool Cotton Yarn using the Lin-Toe Revolutionary Technology

Being constituted out of yarn helps keep these socks warm enough to maintain healthy circulation. This helps with diabetic patients, who frequently suffer from restricted blood vessels, resulting in decreased circulation.

Unique Knit Top

The unique knit top helps keep the sock in place, without leaving binding marks. This is very important for diabetic patients, because eventually, with repeat stress, patients may experience injury at the site. The trick is to keep the sock up without putting too much pressure on a limited area of skin. Diabetic socks need to do just that, without being compressive on the extremities, which will end up increasing the blood pressure.

Antimicrobial Fabric Treatment

Antimicrobial fabric treatment and design are helpful in preventing or impeding fungal growth or bacteria, which the body may not be able to on its own.

Made in USA

Medicool DiaSox Diabetes Socks are the perfect solution even when looking for socks without binding, that do not sag. Made in the United States, these socks undergo rigorous testing to world-class quality standards. So if high sugars have you running low, it’s a good idea to look into new diabetes socks.


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