Nova Max test strips are designed to work with all Nova Max branded meters including Nova Max Plus, Nova Max, and Nova Max Link to qualitatively measure the blood glucose levels.

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Nova Max test strips are simple to use as strips come in a larger vial. Nova Max test strips are designed for users of all ages. Nova Max automatically draws blood into the test area of the strip. Testing can be easily handled with clean, dry hands without affecting glucose readings.

Nova Max test strips require no coding for an easy glucose testing experience that delivers fast and accurate readings. This means you don’t have to look for the code, which allows for faster and much easier glucose testing at home.

Nova Max test strips are designed to quantify glucose levels in the blood with a tiny sample, just 0.3 microliters, minimizing the paid associate with testing. Glucose readings are available in as little as 5 seconds. Nova Max test strips offer alternate site testing, which means in addition to capillary fingerstick testing, test samples from can be obtained from alternate sites including the palm or forearm.


  • Exclusively for use with all Nova Max branded meters including Nova Max Plus, Nova Max, and Nova Max Link glucose meters
  • Sample Size Needed
  • Simple to Use
  • No Coding Required
  • Alternate Site Testing
  • Large Test Strip Vial for Easy Handling


You may use the Nova Max Control Solution to check that your meter and test strips are working correctly and to ensure you’re getting accurate results with your Nova Max test strips. It is important that you carry out this simple check regularly.

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Nova Max control solution is a liquid that contains a fixed amount of glucose. Use this solution to test that your monitor and test strips are working properly and to practice or to check that you are following the correct testing procedure without using your own blood. If the monitor reading is within the control solution’s acceptable range, the meter is working properly. For precise instructions please check the Nova Max manual provided in the test strips box.


The control solution test confirms that your Nova Max test strips and glucose monitor are working correctly. A control solution test is similar to a blood glucose test, except you use Nova Max Control Solution and not a blood sample.

According to Nova Max Blood Glucose Monitor Owner’s Guide you should run a control solution test using a Nova Max control solution:

  • When you first get your monitor and at least once a week thereafter
  • Each time you open and begin using a new vial of Nova Max test strips
  • If you leave the test strip vial cap open for any length of time
  • If the monitor is dropped, damaged, or exposed to liquids
  • If you think your test results are not accurate, or if your test results are not consistent with how you feel
  • To check the performance of the monitor and test strips
  • Nova Max High and Low Glucose Controls are also recommended as an additional quality control check for your blood glucose monitoring system

To learn more see Checking Your Nova Max Test Strips Using Nova Max Control Solution.


To ensure accurate results with Nova Max test strips follow the guidelines below from the Nova Max Blood Glucose Monitor Owner’s Guide  .

  • Use only Nova Max Test Strips when testing.
  • Remove the test strip from the vial only when ready to test.
  • Store the test strip package in a cool, dry place below 86°F (30°C)
  • Do not refrigerate or freeze.
  • Do not store near heat or moisture.
  • Store the test strips in their original vial only.
  • After removing a test strip from the vial, immediately replace the vial cap and close tightly.
  • Do not use test strips beyond the expiration date printed on the package as this may cause inaccurate results.
  • Apply Blood Drop to Front Edge Insert This End Into Monitor 9
  • Nova Max test strips should only be stored for 3 months after opening the vial. When first opening a new vial of test strips, count forward 3 months and write that date on the vial. Discard any remaining test strips after the date you have written on the vial.
  • Do not tamper with the Nova Max test strip.


According to Nova Max Link User Guide, the Nova Max test strips give accurate results when the following limitations are observed:

  • The test strips should not be used to diagnose diabetes or to test newborns.
  • Each test strip is for single use only. Do not reuse. Use a new sterile Nova Max Test Strip each time you test.
  • Your test strips are for personal use only. DO NOT share with others.
  • Use only fresh capillary whole blood. Do not use serum or plasma.
  • There is no effect on blood glucose values for altitudes up to 10,000 feet (3000 meters) above sea level.
  • Refer to the Owner’s Guide for operating temperature range for the monitor.
  • Extremes in humidity (higher than 90% and lower than 10%) may affect results.
  • The Nova Max Test Strips are calibrated against plasma.
  • The anticoagulant sodium heparin may be used. EDTA is not recommended for use with Nova Max Test Strips.
  • Interferences for elevated levels of acetaminophen, tolazamide, uric acid, bilirubin, ephedrine, and methyldopa may affect results.

Final words

The Nova Max Blood Glucose Monitor is designed to be convenient and easy to use. It gives accurate results in just 5 seconds using a very small blood sample. This small sample allows you to use a thinner lancet because not as much blood is needed to do a blood sugar test. The monitor also has memory that stores your blood sugar test results to help you and your healthcare professional manage your diabetes care.

* Content and information on this page is intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.


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