• Cities Are the Front Line in the Global Diabetes Epidemic
    Novo Nordisk is working with a coalition of major cities to bend the curve on type 2 diabetes. We’re calling for local political and health leaders of all cities to ask what it will take to change the trajectory of the disease in their area and to put into practice the new models that we are forging. Read the full story here: Harvard Business Review
  • Diabetic Patients with Related Eye Damage Have Increased Falling Risk
    (Reuters Health) – People with diabetes and related eye damage known as retinopathy are more likely to fall than diabetics who have not developed vision problems, a study in Singapore suggests. Read the full story here: Reuters
  • Synthetic “Smart Gel” Provides Glucose-Responsive Insulin Delivery in Diabetic Mice
    “smart gel” technology could offer a user-friendly and remarkably economic (disposable) alternative to the current solutions, thereby facilitating availability of effective insulin treatment not only to diabetic patients in developing countries but also to those patients who otherwise may not be strongly motivated, such as the elderly, infants, and patients in need of nursing care. Read the full article here: Science Advances
  • Stem Cells Could Help Improve Blood Circulation in Diabetic Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease
    A new study in mice at the University of Illinois found that an injection of the stem cells prompted new blood vessels to grow, improving circulation in the affected tissues and function in the affected limbs. The stem cells also induced changes in gene expression in the surrounding tissues, prompting the release of factors to reduce inflammation and increase circulation. Read full story here: News Medical.
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