Unifine safecontrol safety pen needles

We are glad to announce that the Unifine SafeControl Safety Pen Needles made by Owen Mumford are now available at Diabetic Outlet.

Unifine SafeControl is a safety pen needle used by healthcare professionals to protect users from post-use needlestick injuries. This product helps give more control of the overall injection process, resulting in safer injections.

Unifine SafeControl is a unique pen needle with a safety mechanism that is manually activated after the injection process, using just one hand. This safety mechanism helps prevent needlestick injuries by covering both ends of the needle, while enabling the users or healthcare professional to use the same injection technique as a standard pen needle.

Here are the features and benefits of the safety needles.

Features And Benefits

  • A visible needle for control during the injection process

Unifine SafeControl safety pen needles feature a number of great benefits over conventional insulin pen needles. The needle is visible throughout the whole injection process. It is not blocked by any part of the needle coverings used after injection. This ensures that insulin is properly injected into the skin.

  • Innovative manual push tab for one-handed activation of the safety mechanism

The innovative manual push tab makes it easy for all users, no matter age, disability, or experience to be able to cover the needle after injection with ease. This feature is in place to prevent post-use needlestick injuries to cover both sides of the needle and help with proper disposal of the sharp.

  • Dual visible and audible safety indicators for confirmation the safety mechanism is activated

You will not only visually be able to see when the safety mechanism is activated, but you will also hear a click indicating that you are good to go. This double reassurance is designed with the user in mind. The Unifine® SafeControl® offers a unique combination of dual safety and innovative manual control that provides the right balance of safety and control from injection to retraction.

  • A safety guard covering the needle

This is in place to prevent needlesticks after injection. The non-patient end of the needle is covered, avoiding injury after injection.

  •  Sterile Green cap

You will notice a green cap over the needle before use. This is in place to ensure the needle is sterile before use, and also for protection.

  • Compatible with all major brands of injection pens

This is a great feature so consumers do not need to stick with a certain type of injection pen, but can have the variety to pick and choose.

Owen Mumford conducted a trial on the Safety Pen Needles where 92% agreed that they were 100% sure that the medication dose was fully delivered and 75% agreed that it gave them the right combination of safety and control.

The Unifine SafeControl Safety Pen Needles are manufactured to the highest quality levels possible made by Owen Mumford, a leader in innovative diabetes and medical products to ensure the safety of users. Upon opening the box you will recognize this level of quality as you experience a more comfortable and safer injection.

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

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