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My name is Penny. I am a hunter. My hunt begins with a thorough search. Once I locate the hunt, I stalk it for as long as it’s necessary to make sure it’s the target. And when the time is right I strike. I was born with a hunting and chasing instinct. And if you’re anything like me you should be proud of yourself.

With that hunting instinct in me, I tend to find it strange that for glucose test strips on which people with diabetes spend thousands of dollars every year, some choose not to hunt for deals. If you, like me, have been guilty of chasing a good deal, there is something you should know. When it comes to glucose test strips, lancets, meters, or any other diabetes supplies you no longer have to spend time hunting for a great deal because the best ones are available here at Diabetic Outlet.

Diabetic Outlet is a trusted online diabetic store that offers test strips at the lowest prices. On top of that, shipping is always free – a real deal for a deal hunter. Free shipping doesn’t mean it should take a long time to receive an order. Diabetic Outlet ships all orders on the same day making sure that you will get your supplies quickly.

Don’t Drive Across Town to Buy Test Strips with A $5 Coupon.

We’ve all been guilty of chasing a coupon. You’ve probably wasted time looking for a $5 coupon, or driven across town just to cash in that coupon. But is that really a great deal? Are you getting the best prices? Diabetic Outlet sell test strips at almost 60% off retail, so why hunt for a $5 off when you can save on your gas, time and money by simply ordering your supplies online at

Compare the prices and see how much you can save!

For instance take Bayer Contour NEXT test strip 50 count box. You could pay $38.90 at Walmart or as high as $42.99 at Rite Aid. But you could be paying only $17.99 at Diabetic Outlet and receive your test strips in just a few days without having to pay for shipping. Now that’s a real deal to chase.

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