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For those of you who follow my blogs I have recently been on a PetTest streak. I announced the addition of PetTest Insulin Syringes earlier this month, a week later I introduced PetTest Ketone & Glucose Reagent Strips for Urinalysis, and here I am back again today to announce the addition of yet another great product from Advocate – PetTest D-Mannose.

PetTest D-Mannose Supplement with Cranberry is now available at Diabetic Outlet. You can now enjoy our free shipping and quantity discounts on this amazing product.

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In short, D-Mannose is a dietary supplement used for preventing the urinary tract infections (UTIs) in pets. UTIs are bacterial infections in the urinary system that can affect cats and dogs. D-Mannose for pets is a natural solution to help support and maintain the healthy and normal function of the urinary tract system.

What is D-Mannose?

Mannose or as in the nutritional supplement world “D-Mannose” is a form of sugar that consists of just one molecule. It occurs naturally in the body and plays an important role in human metabolism. Mannose is also found in some plants in the form of starch, such as: cranberries, apples, oranges, peaches, broccoli, and green beans. D-Mannose is a known dietary supplement used for preventing UTIs.

Why Cranberry? 

Cranberry contains D-mannose. After D-Mannose is ingested it enters in to the urine where it can bind to bad bacteria, as opposed to bing to the lining of the urinary tract, and flush it out. This catch and flush process works on e-coli, which is the biggest culprit in UT infections.

Cranberry D-Mannose for Diabetic Pets and Dogs

You may be asking yourself, cranberry is sweat, is it ideal for my diabetic pets and dogs? The answer to everyone’s amazement is yes!

Though cranberry contains a lot of sugar, it’s most most amazing component, D-mannose, does not have an effect on blood sugar or pH making it a perfect supplement for diabetic cats and dogs who may be dealing with UTIs.

PetTest D-Mannose with Cranberry Supplement

As the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in pets continues to grow due to Glucosuria (glucose in the urine), having a non-antibiotic, natural treatment with virtually little to no side effects seems only necessary.

The Cranberry D-mannose from PetTest is a dietary supplement for prevention of urinary tract infections (UITs) in pets. It is clinically proven to flush bad bacteria, promote bladder, and urinary health. D-Mannose defends the UT lining, aids digestive support, and encourages healthy urine flow & inflammation relief.


  • Dietary supplement for prevention of urinary tract infections (UITs) in cats and dogs
  • Prevents bad bacteria from sticking to urinary tract and causing infections.
  • Available in a convenient bottle of 90 capsules
  • Suitable for pets with diabetes
  • No boost to blood glucose levels
  • A form of sugar consisting of one molecule, that occurs naturally in the body
  • Made in the USA
  • Manufactured under strict quality control specifications
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(1) $23.95
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