Storing glucose test strips incorrectly, especially in high humidity, can lead to falsely high readings.

Congratulations on your decision to manage your diabetes using a home glucose monitoring system. The success of glucose monitoring at home depends on accurate readings. Though you may face several issues when checking your glucose levels at home, inaccurate glucose readings are often resulted from test strip errors.

If you use test strips to monitor your glucose levels at home you must ensure you close the vial immediately after using them especially in in a humid environment. Failure to do so can potentially expose the test strips to humidity. Exposure to humidity can often result in erroneous glucose test results.

How to Properly Store Test Strips?

To ensure proper storage of your glucose test strips follow these 4 steps:

  1. Store the test strips in their original vial
  2. Close the vial tightly after taking out the test strips
  3. Write the discard date on the vial. Discard date is 9 months after you first open the vial.
  4. Check the expiration date on the vial before using test strips

Test strips contain electrical terminals that can quantify the amount of Gluconic acid present in the blood sample. The current amount of glucose produced depends on the level of Gluconic acid. The intensity of the current is then measured by the blood glucose monitor and a numbered reading is generated. Therefore it’s crucial to tightly close the vial immediately after use. Leaving test strips in an open vial or in an unoriginal vial could expose the test strips to an environment that could change the chemical properties of test strips. Such an exposure can result in false glucose readings.

Always read the safety instruction provided in the test strip box. Keep your strips in their original vial and away from heat, humidity and sunlight. Do not leave them open to air because that will make the strip unusable. When you remove a test strip for use, place a clean cloth underneath in case you drop it; this way it will still be clean and usable. Always dispose used test strips and never use them again. And remember to always contact your healthcare professional if your readings are outside your normal range.

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  1. Dee says:

    My mom has a hard time getting the lid open because of the arthritis in her hands. Do they make an easier lid for the rest strip containers?

  2. Edgar Hamill Hughes 3rd says:

    Yes yes yes refrigerate in a zip lock bag. Home are not humidity controlled where frig is and even better set at 30. Where frizer is 0 frig is 30. |
    As stated on package 30 F so frig is better than any crazy coat pocket.
    I find I do 2-3 test just to get a good reading. Variation of 10 even 20 happens. A they blame the way you squeeze your finger or when you lance how fast you test but it is the test strips are not that accurate. Easy error in test strip.

  3. Debbie says:

    I just recently started taking care of my mother. I take her sugar but I haven’t been closing the container the strips come in after I get one out. Will they still be good to use. I noticed that she’s been having high reading lately, could that be why?

    • DiabeticOutlet says:

      High readings could results from a number of things. The test strips vial is weather resistant, specifically designed to keep the strips sealed from being exposed to moisture, heat and cold. To ensure you’re getting accurate results perform a test using a control solution.

  4. James Borst says:

    My wife recently visited the doctor about managing her diabetes. It is interesting that test strips contain electrical terminals to quantify the amount of gluconic acid in your blood. We may also consider Dexcom patches if we need to start taking additional action.

    • DiabeticOutlet says:

      Yes it does. Test strips must be kept in room temperature. Please refer to your strips/meter manual for storage conditions.

  5. Mike Delgado says:

    I have been having high readings in the morning, I feel good, but concerned about the high readings. I store them in the original container in the bathroom, could this be the reason for the high readings. I hope that’s the reason.

    • DiabeticOutlet says:

      Hi Mike,
      Thank you for your comment. Glucose test strips when stored incorrectly can deliver inaccurate readings. There could be several reasons why you’re getting high readings. May I ask what glucose monitoring meter/strips you’re using?


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