Switching preferences can be rather difficult specially when it comes to your home glucose monitoring system. However, when your favorite glucose management company, Nipro, is incentivizing the transition by offering a starter kit, and the new product is far superior, most people will take the “sweet” deal. Nipro is also discontinuing the older Truetrack and Truebalance systems. So if you liked using their products, enter the cheaper and far more effective True Metrix Glucose Meter. The True Metrix test strips have also been priced lower than the TrueTrack test strips and the TrueBalance test strips.

Would like to try True Metrix before the switch? True Metrix Start Kit has everything you need to begin testing immediately.

The True Metrix meter starter kit offers a great value over the meter only True Metrix.

package content:

  • TRUE Metrix Meter
  • 10 True Metrix Test Strips
  • 1 Control Solution – 3mL
  • 1 Lancing device (Uses most lancets)
  • 10 Sterile Lancets
  • Installed 3 Volt Battery
  • Instructions for Use (Read before use)
  • Self Test Log Book
  • Compact Carrying Case

True Metrix

The focus of the True Metrix glucose meter is to perform at a rapid clip. So we are looking at reading times of under four seconds, which is tremendous. Believe it or not, depending upon the test strip or your glucose meter, the amount of blood needed for a good reading may vary, though not by much. The True Metrix Glucose Meter consumes only about 0.5 µL, which is again impressive in how little it is.

True Metrix meter is also capable of storing 500 test results together with the date and the time. It also allows you to carry out multiple day averaging calculations (including 7, 14 and 30 day averaging).

There is a futuristic strip release button, and that makes sure you don’t have to handle the strips after testing is completed. The True Metrix meter is lightweight, elegant and soft to the touch. This adds to the ease of handling and portability. Furthermore, absolutely no coding is required with the True Metrix glucose meter. It also comes with four reminder alarms. There is a provision for you to download your data, so there are no mistakes associated with manual data management.

All in all, this is definitely one of those times when the switch is actually justified. Try it out and see if it’s the right meter for you.

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

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