Balance & Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels with BetiVite (Now In Stock!)

BetiVite, the latest product to hit the shelves at Diabetic Outlet, is a multivitamin produced specifically for individuals managing their diabetic care. BetiVite has specific levels of key vitamins and minerals to support not only healthy blood glucose levels, but also the entire body as it deals with the day-to-day effects of diabetes. Support your body, so it can support you!

MultiVitamins are not intended for use as a cure, treatment, mitigation, or prevention of any disease.
BetiVite is a complete diabetic multivitamin aimed at supporting healthy blood sugar levels

Why Vitamins Are Essential to Managing Diabetes

A multivitamin itself is not going to cure or treat diabetes, but can work to support the body behind the scenes. Combining vitamin deficiencies on top of an existing condition may exacerbate symptoms and lead to a lower quality of care. Following this logic it is crucial for any person, especially those with a chronic health condition such as Diabetes, to support their overall body so that it can function to its full potential.

Just as an individual’s healthcare plan is tailored to their own needs, vitamin consumption and absorption varies depending on one’s diet, lifestyle, underlying conditions, and genetics. The use of a multivitamin may provide a base support for absorption and allocation of essential vitamins and minerals throughout the body – those that vital organs depend upon to function properly. As it would be difficult to both measure and meet the supplement needs of each and every individual with one product, a Diabetic Specific Multivitamin does the next best thing. BetiVite offers increased levels of Vitamin C, which both boosts the overall immune system and supports the absorption of other key nutrients, while additionally combining specific quantities of other key ingredients that may be lacking in individuals with diabetes (explored below).

Why Can’t I Just Use a Regular MultiVitamin for Diabetes

Depending on your individual body’s needs, a standard multivitamin may provide sufficient support. That said, niche multivitamins specific to underlying conditions, such as BetiVite, work to support not just the needs of an average user but the anticipated needs of someone battling a chronic health condition. Key ingredients are often attributed to not just vitamin consumption, but nutrient absorption, ensuring the vitamins are actually used by the body rather than discarded.

Where Can I find a Diabetic MultiVitamin

Diabetic Outlet is proud to carry the BetiVite line of diabetic support supplements! Take away the hassle of finding and ordering niche diabetic supplies and qualify for free-shipping, gifts, and updates on the latest diabetic care products to support your health.

How Often Do I Need To Order Diabetic Multivitamins

The BetiVite Diabetic Multivitamin includes 60 Caplets. The product packaging suggests a typical twice-daily consumption (this may vary based on user needs and medical provider recommendation). Under typical use, an individual may go through one multi-vitamin container in a month.

To simplify reordering and ensure a regular supply, we recommend considering the hassle-free AutoShip feature at Diabetic Outlet. Select diabetic supplies may be reordered in varying increments and quantities, and cancelled at any time. Furthermore, each AutoShip order comes with an automatic discount on each and every order. AutoShip offered for BetiVite Diabetic MultiVitamin – don’t stress about reordering.

What is in the BetiVite Diabetic MultiVitamin

BetiVite contains specific quantities of key vitamins. nutrients, and minerals selected to support absorption and allocation within the body.

BetiVite contains specific levels of the following: (DV = of Daily Value)

Vitamin A (306% of Daily Value)Vitamin C (278% of Daily Value)Vitamin D (50% of Daily Value)

Alpha Tocopherol (Natural) (447% DV)Thiamine (Vitamin B1) (250% DV) – Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) (262% DV)

Niacin (250% DV) – Vitamin B6 (294% DV) Folate (167% DV) – Vitamin B12 (4167% DV) – Biotin (1000% DV)

Pantothenic Acid (400% DV) – Magnesium (48% DV) – Zinc (136% DV) – Selenium (127% DV) – Copper (222% DV)

Manganese (217% DV) – Chromium (571% DV) – Potassium (2% DV)

                    Daily Value Not Established:

*Vanadium (200mcg) – Alpha Lipoic Acid (100mcg) – Lycopene (3mg) – Lutein (1mg)*

What Vitamins are Recommended for Individuals with Diabetes

BetiVite recommends the supplements contained in its multivitamin for the following reasons:

Vitamin C – supports overall health and immunity

Vitamin E – may help prevent heart/eye/kidney damage, a common complication of diabetes

Chromium – reported to have a mild glucose-lowering effect, often recommended for those with type-2 diabetes

Lycopene & Lutein – levels may be lower in individuals with diabetes – may support vision and decrease diabetic eye disease risk

Alpha Lipoic Acid – helps relieve pain/burning/itching/tingling and numbness that may arise due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

All statements are derived from BetiVite Packaging and Information. Always read and follow the directions provided on the product or by a licensed healthcare provider. 


Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

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