In case your diabetes supply checklist got lost in the stack of New Years papers, this simple blog post is a friendly reminder to make sure you don’t forget your next order of glucose test strips. Get a move on and order your test strips in advance to ensure you won’t run out of them. Get it done early so you can focus on other things like diet, exercise, and maybe some dark chocolate to beat your diabetes.

Get A Move On!

Order your test strips now so that you can check them off your diabetes supplies list. It’s always a great idea to order them in advance; it gives you a piece of mind. Of course, glucose testing requires more than just test strips; don’t forget about lancets. Get a move on and get all your regular supplies in 1 order. The sooner that you get your test strip orders out of the way, the more time and effort you can dedicate to other aspects of your diabetes management plan to ensure that they all work well together.

Plus when you plan to order your test strips ahead of time, you can actually shop smart and not get drawn into a rush drive to your local pharmacy. Moreover, when you order in advance, you can often hunt hot test strip deals.

Granted diabetes management is expensive. Diabetic test strips are taking what seems like thousands of dollars from your pockets, so the budget for test strips is always tight. This is where clever shopping and proper planning comes to play. Make a plan to order your test strips ahead of time and hunt for a good deal.

Final Words!

Diabetes management is not just about glucose testing. However, regular monitoring and testing of glucose levels at home is the most important component of your diabetes management for which you need test strips and lancets. As you scan your diabetes supply checklist plan to purchase your test strips in advance and don’t procrastinate – Thank you reminder!

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