The Libre 14-Day Reader Has Been Discontinued — What You Need to Know!


The FreeStyle Libre 14-Day Reader was a popular choice for many people with diabetes because it was easy to use and read. However, Freestyle has discontinued its popular reader device and is now encouraging users to upgrade to Libre 2.

While this may be disappointing news for some, the new Libre 2 offers many improvements over the previous version, an improved reader design, and new features like alarms. The Libre 2 seems like a better choice and it may be worth the upgrade if your old device is no longer working.

Can You Still Use the Libre 14-Day Reader?

While the 14-Day Reader has been discontinued, the original Freestyle Libre system still continues to be supported and provides many with reliable diabetic monitoring.

Abbott, the manufacturer, will no longer be distributing the Libre 14-Day Readers, but they will be grandfathering the old users by continuing to provide sensors.

This means that as long as your reader still works with the 14-day sensors, you can continue to use it. Although, if something happens with your device, you’ll need to upgrade since the Libre 14-Day Reader will no longer be available.

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What About Those That Use Their Phone Instead of a Reader?

Good news! Users who use their phones will be completely unaffected by this discontinuation. 14-day sensors are still being provided and can be used with the FreeStyle LibreLink app which is available for both Android and iOS.

Making The Switch

The Libre 2 CGM system is similar to the FreeStyle Libre 14-Day system, but it can be an undesired change for users who are used to the older system. If you’re unfamiliar with the Libre 2, it’s important to make sure you have all the information you need before upgrading.

Not sure where to start? To learn more about the FreeStyle Libre 2 CGM, take a look at the pros and cons and the 5 questions you should ask yourself to determine is Libre 2 CGM is right for you.

Libre vs Libre 2

A comparison between Libre 14 Day and Libre 2 systems shows minor improvements. Though minor, these small changes could be a life-safer for some users. With the new Libre 2, users are able to set alarms and be alerted early when their blood glucose levels reach dangerous levels. The original Freestyle Libre does not support glucose alarms.

Moreover, once you start a 14-day Libre 2 sensor, you would have to choose to use either a phone app or the Libre 2 reader for the next 14 days. This is more of a downside for many users. That’s because the new features are only available with one connection.

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Final Words

Continuous Glucose Monitoring System is one of the most effective tools for diabetes management. A CGM is a small device that is worn on the body and continuously monitors blood sugar levels. It can provide people with real-time information about their blood sugar levels, which can help them make better decisions about their health.

The FreeStyle Libre CGM systems offer some of the most affordable, comfortable-to-wear, and least bulky continuous glucose monitoring sensors than any other on the market. With their finger-prick-less design, they’re much less invasive than other systems. They also have a long sensor life (up to 14 days) and don’t require frequent calibrations.

Disclaimer. The content, information, and links on this page are intended for informational and educational purposes only, and does NOT constitute any medical professional advice.

13 thoughts on “The Libre 14-Day Reader Has Been Discontinued — What You Need to Know!

  1. Tom Bournique says:

    My doctor prescribed me the Libra 14-day sensor. However no reader came with it. I found out they no longer make them, and was told to use my phone.
    However my phone is not compatible with it since I don’t have NFC.

    I just spent $75 for two sensors and they are totally useless because I will have no way of reading them.

    Is a freestyle Libra 2 the same as the freestyle 14 day. My doctor looked at the packages and said they are similar but one says Libra 2 and the other one just says 14 day. The pharmacist don’t seem to know either and when I call Abbott I get somebody in a foreign country who barely understands English and is clueless.

    Should I just have my doctor order a Libre2 reader instead and will it work on the freestyle 14th day series, or do I have to get all new sensors that go into my arm for another $75.

  2. Patrick Zydel says:

    Am I understanding correctly – you cannot use your iPhone with libre2 to read your level like I can now do with Libre 14 day. So Libre2 readings can ONLY be obtained from the reader??

  3. Mark Baker says:

    I use the Libre 14-day now via my phopne primarily and the reader app whenn it is not avail;able. I update LibreView wqith both devices so my med team gets myfull data. It is being phased out and my pharacist can’t get sensors from Abbot. So I am forced to move to Libre 2.

    From what I am seeing I am forced to use the phone OR the reader, but can’t use both. This is a hug3e negative for me since I do not always have my phone available and don’t want to schlep around a seperate reader all the time. I really don’t care about the bluetooth alerts. I just want ther same function as the original Libre. Abbott – MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! If you MUST force bluetooth connect for the alerts do it with the reader, but allow the NFC phone app read the sensor data.

  4. Ralph Reyes says:

    I have no need to “upgrade” to Libre 2 or newer, but I am quite unhappy with the fact that there is no longer an app that I can use on my PC or Chromebook to keep track of my readouts/progress.
    Why did Abbott abandon support for older users?

  5. Drew says:

    Robin, it is obvious that you do not understand what you are writing about. First, the fact that you have to choose your device (phone or Libre reader) is not really a drawback. It is par for the course when it comes to this type of tech. It was the case for the original Libre and most CGMs. Secondly, the Libre is a FGM, not a CGM. Third, your article reads like Cole’s notes version of the Abbot website.

  6. Art Schlumpf says:

    I am monitoring a dog with the 14 day system. The current Android apps are not compatible with my Samsung phone. How in blazes am I supposed to download the data for my Vet? This is getting very expensive very fast.

  7. Norma Farquhar says:

    I have both the 14 day system (1st) one and thought the Libre 2 would be much better but it was a big pain for me. It was always alerting at the unusual time. I know it was doing its work but it was annoying. So back to the 14 day system. My only question is the newer Libre three has a smaller sensor . I don’t want to switch if it is alerting all the time and I have to find this out. Does anyone know if it is just like the Libre 2?

  8. Mike banks says:

    My pharmacist filled my script in November and I am now out over 200$ as my reader stopped three days ago when I put a new sensor on this week. This is a serious screw you to the diabetes consumer.

    I am in their database and my doctor did not say anything and the pharmacy filled my script WTF ABBOTT
    Abbott representative HUNG UP when I called today asking for details what to do – ABBOTT this is sad consumer support

  9. Pat lamd says:

    If you upgrade to the new freestyle system, will you still be able to use both the freestyle monitor and your iPhone for results. That has been something I definitely liked with the 14-day system. Does the new system do away with the dual capability

    • Mike Banks says:

      They no longer support IOS 16.1.2 with their version – 12/07/2022 dead-dead-dead locks you out at >75$ a sensor – highway theft.

      Seriously poor healthcare support from Abbott doings this on the sly.

      In the article it states that the continuous sensor can still be used with the FreeStyle LibreLink app which is available for both Android and iOS. THIS IS NOT TRUE – ABBOTT OFFERS NO SUPPORT THEY ABANDONED THE USERS, APP IS NOLONGER COMPATIBLE WITH CURRENT IOS AND NO KNOWN PLANS TO HER TO MAKE IT COMPATIBLE I WAS TOLD BY THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

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